Greater Birmingham Humane Society in urgent need of fosters

Fostering these pups will be a great way to help the humane society
These pups and GBHS need your help! Photo via GBHS

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) has partnered with BISSELL Pet Foundation to aid over 50 of the 150 dogs found living in awful conditions at a puppy mill in Louisiana. Want to help these pups find their forever homes? GBHS is asking for your help in fostering!

Note: Some of these photos may be distressing to some readers.


Black and white dog in a pitiful condition
TW! An underfed pup found at the puppy mill. Photo via GBHS

The BISSELL Pet Foundation is a pet disaster response team that has asked GBHS to help aid in the transportation of the pets from the mill. Basically, BISSELL is responsible for providing funds, so shelters can safely rescue animals in need.

Help the humane society

Puppy cages stacked on top of each other with dirty newspaper as padding
These pups faced some heart-breaking conditions. Photo via GBHS

Thanks to BISSELL, GBHS has received some funding to help cover the expenses of the transport and veterinary care of the pets. But, they still need your help. Reach out to their team at to get more info on how you can help!

Sadly, many of the dogs were in very poor condition and will need time to heal. Imagine the physical and emotional stress these poor pups experienced. So, it’ll be a while before the pets can be adopted into their forever homes.

But, remain paws-itive, they are in great hands now.

What exactly is a puppy mill?

Distressing image of a pup at the puppy mill
Poor pup that had to face the horrors of a puppy mill. Photo via GBHS

Puppy mills are businesses that breed dogs, but they make the animals live in overcrowded and dirty conditions. Unfortunately, there are many of these businesses out there.

If you decide to purchase an animal, GBHS asks to purchase from a trustworthy breeder. Sometimes puppy mills disguise themselves as a breeder. If you can, support and adopt from your local shelters.

Plus, who doesn’t love visiting a shelter? There are so many animals to fall in love with!

“Consumers have to start paying attention to the source of the pets they purchase. These poor dogs and kittens were living in crammed, filthy and overcrowded conditions which included the usual torture we see at puppy mills. Animals stacked in wire cages, some with no padding for their feet, no air conditioning or even fresh air to provide relief from the heat and humidity.”

Allison Black Cornelius, CEO, GBHS

It’s gonna take teamwork to get these pups back to tail-wagging and ruffing around. To find out how you can help, visit the Greater Birmingham Humane Society’s website.

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