Birmingham regional pet pantry serves over 600 families in one day—how to get involved

regional pet pantry
The regional pet pantry keeps animals and owners together. Photo via GBHS (@TheGBHS) on Twitter.

While temporarily closed for adoptions, the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) has done something amazing. The team transformed the Snow Drive Adoption center into a place where struggling pet owners can receive supplies and community members are able to give back as well. See how you can get involved!

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Keeping pets with their people

regional pet pantry
He wants you to know your options! Photo via GBHS (@TheGBHS) on Twitter.

Due to COVID-19, job lay-offs and pay cuts have unfortunately become more common. If you have a pet, you know they’re family and supporting them is a priority amidst these crises. GBHS doesn’t want pet owners to worry about feeding their furry friends through this tough time.

“We’re so excited to serve the people of Birmingham. It’s in our mission to not only serve pets, but people too. We’re so grateful to be able to have partners and a team that works their buns off.”

Allison Black Cornelius, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Greater Birmingham Humane Society

Receiving supplies

GBHS strongly encourages filling out an application ahead of time. It’s as easy as 1,2,3:

  • Fill out an application
  • Wait for your confirmation email from our team
  • Head to the GBHS Pet Pantry at your pick-up time

Hours and Location

  • Address: 300 Snow Drive, Birmingham AL 35209
  • Pet Food Distribution Hours: Monday – Friday: 9AM – 1PM
  • Donation Drop-Off Hours: Monday-Friday 1PM- 4PM

Stepping up to serve our community

Who could say no to kittens? Photo via GBHS’ Facebook.

In just ONE day GBHS served over 600 families, 14 rescues, and 2 shelters. We’re all in this together, Birmingham—let’s help them continue doing good! There are several ways to support the pet pantry.

Become a Community Captain

Community captains are like the Supermans and Spidermans of pets (which is way cuter if you ask me). They watch out for the needs of their neighbors who own pets and report which pet supplies are needed to the Regional Pet Pantry.

“Community captains get out and check on the people around them, such as those who have pets and aren’t able to get out. You can pick up food for the people in the community, it doesn’t just have to be for you.”


If you’re someone who normally volunteers at GBHS, or want to start, this is a great opportunity while volunteering is suspended. Fill out the form to become a community captain.

Donate food + supplies

Shop safely online and have it delivered to the GBHS Regional Pet Pantry at 300 Snow Drive, Birmingham AL 35209. Or on your next grocery trip to the store pick up a few items like the ones featured on their Amazon Wish List.

Food is the biggest priority at the moment, but outdoor dog shelters are also needed. Don’t forget, you can always donate directly to GBHS to make sure they can keep up the awesome work.

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If you run a local nonprofit sign up for our guide of over 50 nonprofits and be featured on Bham Now’s site for FREE!

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