How 7 Birmingham-area colleges & universities are preventing the spread of COVID-19

troy university
The school year is here, let’s talk about being safe during your studies. Photo via Troy University’s Facebook

Now that the fall school semester has begun, schools are hoping to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and the Delta Variant. Here’s how seven Birmingham-area colleges and universities are doing their best to ensure the safety of their students and staff. 

1. Bevill State Community College

bevill state community college
You can breathe the fresh air without a mask. Photo via Bevill State Community College’s Facebook

Face masks are strongly encouraged on all Bevill State Community College campuses. However, students and faculty are only required to wear them in select classrooms and buildings.

BSCC expects students and staff to practice social distancing whenever possible. In addition, maintenance staff will clean and disinfect all buildings throughout the day.

2. Birmingham-Southern College

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Will you be taking in-person classes? Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

Birmingham-Southern College requires unvaccinated and vaccinated individuals to wear face masks and coverings when inside campus buildings. Students can remove face masks when:

  • Alone in a private office or cubicle
  • In a residence hall room
  • Actively eating or drinking
  • Maintaining at least 6 feet of social distance

Also, unvaccinated students will participate in weekly testing and unvaccinated staff will participate in monthly testing.

Pro-tip: BSC is charging all students a $500 fee for weekly COVID testing, but refunding all students who’ve gotten vaccinated. 

3. Samford University

samford university
Did you go to Samford University? Photo by Pat Byington for Bham Now

Safety policies at Samford University are not as strict for vaccinated students as they are for the unvaccinated.

Vaccinated students are not required to wear face coverings indoors, participate in random testing nor do they need to maintain social distance from others.

On the other hand, unvaccinated individuals must participate in random COVID testing, follow proper social distance and wear face coverings inside campus buildings.

4. University of Alabama at Birmingham

Go Blazers! Photo via Bham Now

Employees and students must wear face masks and coverings indoors on campus regardless of your vaccine status. Individuals can be mask-less in intimate settings including:

  • Alone in a private workspace
  • Inside a residence hall room
  • Actively eating and drinking while social distancing

Pro-tip: Students can receive free ‘swag’ if they get a vaccine on campus, as well as, Blazer Bucks when they upload their card to their student health profile.

5. Lawson State Community College

lawson state community college
What do you think of this policy? Photo via Lawson State Community College’s Facebook

Lawson State Community College‘s policy remained the same from the previous school term. Employees, students and visitors must wear face masks, coverings, or face shields at all times while on campus.

6. University of Montevallo

Birmingham, Montevallo, University of Montevallo Theatre Department
Are you vaccinated? Photo via University of Montevallo Theatre Department’s Facebook page

Social distancing is no longer required in UM buildings and classrooms, but it is encouraged. Individuals will temporarily wear masks in the following areas:

  • Academic buildings
  • Labs and clinics
  • Indoor meeting and common areas
  • Health-related service offices

COVID-19 testing is available but not required.

7. Jefferson State Community College

jefferson state community college
Stay safe! Photo via Jefferson State Community College’s Instagram

JSCC requires students and employees to wear face masks and coverings in all indoor spaces—employees can remove them when they are inside their offices.

Temperatures may be taken before entering a classroom and six feet social distancing must be maintained. Disposable masks are available on campus.

Meanwhile, Miles College has not given an update yet.

Was your school’s COVID-19 safety policies on the list? If not, tag us @bhamnow and tell us about it.

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