Help save local Birmingham theaters—here’s how

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Christmastime during A Year with Frog and Toad at Birmingham Children’s Theatre. Photo via Brooke Duke

The show must go on, even when it can’t. We know how much hard work and effort were put into local productions that are now postponed or canceled. However, the best way to ensure we get to see future shows is by giving back now.

Not only do these performances feature renowned and global actors, they also feature your children, coworkers, friends, family and Birmingham community. Bham Now is offering FREE promotion for local non-profits.   This information will be used to create useful guides on Bham Now.

Birmingham Children’s Theatre

image 11 1 Help save local Birmingham theaters—here's how
Let’s keep those smiling faces onstage. Photo via Bham Now.


I can guarantee my love for theater first came from watching shows at the Birmingham Children’s Theatre, one of Alabama’s longest continuously running theatres.

It was such a special treat to drive up from Tuscaloosa and be immersed in magic and fun for a few hours—not to mention it was an affordable activity my parents could take all three kids to.

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John Allen Bankson (Music Director) and actress Joy Pointe (Chester the Cat) on the set of Bunnicula. Photo via Bham Now

Reflect on past shows

While we can’t wait for the theatre to re-open, stay connected through its virtual content that is educating, enriching and entertaining the Birmingham community every day.

Virginia Samford Theatre

Virginia Samford Theatre Cabaret 5 Help save local Birmingham theaters—here's how
Cabaret at the Virginia Samford Theatre. Photo via Matthew Niblett for Bham Now.


Talk about a theatre with history—the 92-year-old venue was closed down once due to the pressures of World War II. It has been home to spectacular shows featuring big-name actors—like Chelsea Reynolds. Let’s keep this beautiful theater open for years to come.

IMG 3046 Help save local Birmingham theaters—here's how
If Elle Woods taught us anything, it’s that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to. Photo courtesy of Virginia Samford Theatre

Reflect on past shows

Birmingham Boys Choir


Did you know the Birmingham Boys Choir has been a part of the community for over 50 years? The nonprofit enriches Birmingham and serves as a second family to many of the members and leaders.

Red Moutain Theatre Company

DSC 6211 Help save local Birmingham theaters—here's how
Porgy and Bess at the Red Mountain Theatre Company. Photo courtesy of Stewart Edmonds


I was able to see my first performance ever in the Red Mountain Cabaret Theatre this year and, wow, I was blown away. I wasn’t the only one either. It was a packed house and you could feel the audience connecting with each other in real-time.

local birmingham theaters
Matilda the Musical. Photo via Stewart Edmonds

Reflect on past shows

Alabama School of Fine Arts


In addition to giving students a place to express themselves creatively and gain experience, ASFA puts on terrific performances. With a dedicated faculty and staff, the school truly contributes to so many amazing things in Birmingham.

Terrific New Theatre

local Birmingham theaters
So many members of the community participate in these shows. Photo via Terrific New Theatre’s Facebook.


“As a nonprofit organization, TNT could use your support – now more than ever – to continue what we’ve done over the past 34 years: promote live theatre and provide a place for artists in our city to practice their craft.

We know that you love what an evening at TNT entails – a couple of hours of high-quality theatre that strengthens community and nourishes your soul.”

Tam DeBolt, Executive Director

A note from the theater community:

“It is absolutely devastating to watch theaters close, music venues shut down, and talented performers watch their incredibly hard work dissipate.

While some have had the opportunity to possibly livestream their creations, many are left feeling lost and disappointed when grappling with the fact that our projects, investments, and newly found relationships will come to a sudden halt.

Those who rely on art to survive and provide financially are at a loss. On the bright side, this is an excellent time to create! Take whatever form of art you claim and use it to process these difficult emotions. We will eventually find hope and purpose in it all-but for now, I think it is so important for the forward movement of art and creation to continue.

Let’s express ourselves honestly, vulnerably, and passionately, as it is imperative for our mental health as artists. When we come out on the other side of it all, we will share it with a new sense of community, connectivity, and oneness.” 

Jada Cato, Central Alabama Theatre Junior Advisory Board,
Birmingham Black Repertory Theatre Board 

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