Matilda brings her spectacular magic to Birmingham’s DJD Theater. See the hilarious, feel good musical until August 4. Use code: Matilda7 to save $7

Miss Trunchbull challenges Matilda
Matilda The Musical, at DJD Theater July 12 – Aug 4 (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)


Red Mountain Theatre Company’s latest hit, Matilda The Musical is performing at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater until August 4, and it’s hilarious! From the creative and twisted genius of Roald Dahl, comes the inspiring story of a smarter than average little girl who dreams of a better life in this Tony Award-winning musical. 

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I read most of British novelist Roald Dahl’s works as a child. He had this incredible ability to captivate the creative imagination of young children while entertaining  grown-ups with his dark humor.

I couldn’t wait to see how Red Mountain Theatre Company would put their own spin on the 1988 children’s favorite and… I LOVED IT!

Playing at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater over a run of 28 performances until August 4, the talented cast and crew deliver an unbelievably funny and heartwarming show on par with anything I’d expect to see on Broadway or at London’s West End (full review below).

Showtimes are Wed. – Sat. at 7.30pm and Tue.,Wed., Sat., and Sun. At 2pm.

Purchase your tickets now (Remember Use discount code Matilda7 to save $7.00-Price Level 1 or 2 tickets)! Limited seats. Child ticket prices are also available.

Matilda The Musical 

Matilda raises her arms
Matilda has an extraordinary personality (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

Matilda Wormwood is a very special 5 year old with mesmerizing wit, intelligence, and psychokinetic powers. She faces the challenges of her unloving parents and her school’s mean headmistress, Miss Trunchbull.

However, she meets a friend in her schoolteacher, Miss Honey. Over time, Miss Honey and she have a positive effect on each other’s lives and Matilda is recognized for her extraordinary personality.


Mr Wormwood challenges Matilda
Mr Wormwood (David Strickland) calls Matilda (Emma Sonnichsen) a Bookworm! (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

Ramsey Whitney and Emma Sonnichsen share the incredibly demanding title role of Matilda.

Ramsey starred in the show I attended and showcased the incredible performance which both girls have prepared for.

Read Bham Now’s behind the scenes story following their preparation.

Matilda finding comfort in a book
A lonely Matilda finds comfort in books despite only being 5 years old (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

Not only do they perform an incredible amount of high energy solo song performances, but they (and the whole cast) have also mastered the additional challenge of performing British accents in their singing and their speech. A simply brilliant performance.

Elise Mayfield & David Strickland shine in their comedic roles as Mrs & Mrs Wormwood; Matilda’s awful parents who love to mock her love of reading.

Mrs Wormwood and Miss Honey
Mrs Wormwood (Elise Mayfield) tells Miss Honey (Bonny Baker) how she went for looks instead of books! (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

The audience howled with laughter every time Matilda plays a prank on her vain and mean-spirited father, and at Mrs Wormwood’s flirtations with Rudolpho (Ben Tidwell), her ballroom dancing partner. 

Enter the wicked headmistress of Crunchem Hall School, Miss Trunchbull,  played by the excellent Caleb Clark who manages to make the audience fall in love with the terrifying Miss Trunchbull with his superb comedic performance that made the whole audience laugh with just a raise of an eyebrow and twitch of the nose!

Miss Trunchbull makes Miss Honey squirm
Miss Trunchbull (Caleb Clark) tells Miss Honey (Bonnie Baler) about her strengths (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

Bonny Baker plays Miss Honey, Matilda’s lovable teacher, and delivers some incredible solo performances in her journey from being weak and feeble  to gaining the courage to help Matilda outsmart Miss Trunchbull.

There are just too many other great performances to name everyone – the ensemble cast is actually bigger than London’s West End production, and adds to the ‘big show’ experience, however, Bryant Whitney’s scene as Bruce, being forced to eat the rest of a huge chocolate cake that he stole from Miss Trunchbull is hilarious!

Children dance to 'I'm a mircale'
Matilda The Musical features a large ensemble (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

Matilda’s vivid imagination and storytelling to Mrs Phelps (the talented Toy Matthews) provides an opportunity to showcase a ‘story within a story’ about the escapologist and acrobat which highlights Roald Dahl’s genius and the talent of the cast and crew.

The production is top-class. Director, Michael Flowers’ decision to challenge the cast with performing in a British accent really transports the audience into Roald Dahl’s world – completed with wonderful set design and dark lighting.

Read our interview with Michael Flowers about Matilda The Musical.

The music direction by Katie Holmes and choreography by Robin Lewis provides the Birmingham audience with a huge show experience. Who needs Broadway?

Schoolchildren in Matilda The Musical
A Broadway experience in Birmingham at Matilda The Musical (Photo by Stewart Edmonds)

The show runs at 2 hours, with a 15 minute intermission.

I could go on and on as I sit here smiling and thinking about the show, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers.

Go see it now!

Get your tickets for Matilda The Musical

The two act, 24 song, Matilda the Musical will feature at the Dorothy Jemison Day Theater  July 12  to Aug 4, 2019, located at 800 19th St N, Birmingham, AL 35203.

Showtimes are: Wed. – Sat. at 7.30pm and Wed., Thurs.,Sat., and Sun. At 2pm. Tickets start at $20.

Purchase your tickets now (Remember Use discount code Matilda7 to save $7.00-Price Level 1 or 2 tickets)! Limited seats. Child ticket prices are also available.

Sesonry Matilda Matilda brings her spectacular magic to Birmingham’s DJD Theater. See the hilarious, feel good musical until August 4. Use code: Matilda7 to save $7

Sensory-Friendly performance: Tuesday, July 16 at 2.00pm

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