Need help finding the perfect holiday gift for dad? Shop local in Birmingham

bundle2 Need help finding the perfect holiday gift for dad? Shop local in Birmingham
Get dad in some stylish gear from Ruffner Mountain while supporting one of Birmingham’s most beautiful green spaces. Photo via Ruffner Mountain

Holiday shopping can be tough, especially up against the wire! Luckily, Birmingham has a ton of local options for gifts. Here are some ideas on what to get dad for Christmas!

1. Give Him a Hand With Fashion

Nathan and Matthew dressed as dads
Nathan and Matthew of Bham Now showing off their best dad fashion. Photo via Matthew Niblett

At some point in the dad evolution, fashion becomes an afterthought. Luckily, there are a ton of local retailers with fashion-forward items.

For instance, ORE Mercantile in Avondale has several micro-retail clothing booths. From Manitou Supply’s vintage looks to the outdoor vibes of Deep Creek Trading Co., you can find the perfect style for your dad. You can even grab some Birmingham apparel from Original B’ham!

Learn more about all the retailers at ORE Mercantile.

2. Take Him on a Musical Journey

Vinyl records are a good gift for dad
The vinyl stacks at Renaissance Records. Photo by Jon Eastwood for Bham Now.

For a lot of folks, their dads grew up in an era of vinyl records and cassette tapes. Music is a wonderful medium that can transport you back in time to when you first heard that song.

To pick up some of dad’s favorite music in a vintage format, visit one of Birmingham’s 3 record stores:

Of course, you’ll need something to play these old records on, so pop over to TomsSound for a vintage record player!

3. Grab a Gift Card from Local Breweries

Birmingham, Good People Brewing Company, beer, breweries, seasonal beer
Photo via Good People Brewing Company on Facebook

It’s no secret that local craft breweries are one of Birmingham’s specialities. With so many special holiday beers, Christmas is the perfect time to introduce dad to Birmingham’s breweries with a gift card.

What is your favorite local gift for dad in Birmingham? Tag us @bhamnow and let us know!

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