Check out Birmingham’s own “Shark Tank” competition, The Big Pitch, Nov. 23 at Upswing

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The Big Pitch.
The Big Pitch 2018 Winners. Via- RevBham.

REV Birmingham’s demonstration project, Upswing, continues to breathe life into Downtown Birmingham. If you haven’t stopped by, what are you waiting for?! The shops are open and events are scheduled throughout the year! On November 23 from 1PM-4PM Upswing is hosting REV Birmingham‘s biggest entrepreneur-focused event, The Big Pitch. For all you Shark Tank lovers, tickets are now available and this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Upswing’s Making Birmingham More Vibrant One Day at a Time

Upswing’s in full swing! Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

The ultimate goal of Upswing is to prove the need to bring retail back into Downtown Birmingham. REV Birmingham believes that creative shops and restaurants are vital ingredients for a vibrant city and I agree!

Upswing is not only a fun place to support local businesses but also a mindset. The Magic City is on the upswing. There’s no denying that. However, it takes us as a city to realize Birmingham’s true potential. The demonstration project, Upswing, is just the first step to showcasing what Birmingham has to offer.

Upswing’s awesome, local entrepreneurs before the magic of Upswing was created! Photo via

The Big Pitch 2019 is Finding Birmingham’s Next Big Thing!

Birmingham, city
Birmingham, AL a.k.a a city full of opportunity. Photo by Matthew Niblett for Bham Now

One of Upswing’s upcoming events, The Big Pitch, exemplifies Birmingham’s entrepreneurial spirit. The event will be held Saturday, November 23 from 1 to 4PM at the Upswing lot across from Pizitz.

The Big Pitch 2019 is one of Upswing’s biggest events. This event, organized by REV Birmingham, showcases Birmingham’s up-and-coming small business owners. The event is a business pitch competition focusing on helping lifestyle and creative businesses that will add to the magic of The Magic City. Think Shark Tank but Bham-ify it!

Ever wondered what it took to make a successful business? Consider The Big Pitch as representing one of the first, pivotal steps on the entrepreneurial journey. It’s a competition designed to provide up-and-coming entrepreneurs with technical assistance, mentorship, exposure, and capital. It teaches the importance of not only being able to manage money, but being aware of your business, its goals, and your overall vision for the start-up.

If you haven’t checked out Upswing, what are you doing? Photo by Hannah Chambley

These two initiatives are a match made in heaven. Upswing encourages supporting local businesses in Downtown Birmingham while The Big Pitch competition gives local entrepreneurs the tools and platform to help their business flourish so they can add to the vibrancy of the city. The competition acts as a springboard for local start-ups so they can gain the momentum to push great business concepts up a steep hill…but faster!

By hosting The Big Pitch at Upswing, you’ll be able to see a first-hand representation of an entrepreneur’s journey. Think of it as a real-life storyboard where you can watch the genesis of a business being presented at The Big Pitch competition as well as its potential to one day have its own retail space similar to the vendors of Upswing.

At this year’s Big Pitch competition, you’ll be able to watch talented finalists explain their businesses to Birmingham. For Upwing vendor, Domestique Coffee, it’ll all come full circle since they were once a finalist in a previous Big Pitch competition. Soon after the competition, maybe you’ll happen to be driving through the streets of downtown and see your favorite finalists in a brick and mortar! You’ll be able to say that you witnessed their start-up’s journey from the beginning.

Meet the Finalists of the Big Pitch 2019

Blueroot Co.

Photo via REV Birmingham

Elysian Gardens

Photo via REV Birmingham

Encore Rouge

Photo via REV Birmingham

Relaxation Room

Photo via REV Birmingham


Photo via REV Birmingham

Want to learn more about these awesome Big Pitch finalists? No worries. We got you covered.

The Big Pitch is Just a Taste of What Upswing Has to Offer! You Don’t Want to Miss Out on These Other Upcoming Events

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