Birmingham startups in final stretch of Velocity program

Velocity Demo Day is just around the corner, and the nine startups are gearing up to present! In our last article, we introduced five companies. Here, we’re introducing the last four of the 2017 Velocity startups that will present at Iron City on Tuesday.

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Birmingham increases its Velocity

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While I was talking to Estes Gould, the program manager for Birmingham’s Velocity startup accelerator, I was introduced to Jack West.  Jack is intense, he’s a people person, and he’s got a positively sunny outlook.  Maybe it’s the excitement of his company being on the end stretch of a fast-track program, having the potential to make it big in something nobody had thought of before.  Maybe it was the impending “graduation,” the big public reveal on the 18th, that he and his team were preparing for.

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Birmingham Mayor William Bell announces Operation Eagle

Mayor Bell and Cheif Roper introducing a new crime prevention initiative: Operation Eagle

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Elite Birmingham startups prepare to strut their stuff

Velocity Office Birmingham
I visited the Velocity office during lunch, so pictures were A-OK – via James Ozment

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Chris Rock hates your phone

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Anyone going to Chris Rock’s show this Friday will have to check their phone into a Yondr pouch.  As phone cameras and microphones improve and their usage becomes more normal, artists are fighting back.  Enter Yondr, a relatively recent startup renting location-based, lockable, and knife-proof (it has been tested!) cell phone pouches.

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