Running Groups to Join in Birmingham

Nothing is more motivating than having someone by your side working toward a similar goal. Running groups help people stay encouraged, hold each other accountable, and meet new friends on the way to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you’re a runner in Birmingham looking for a group to train with, then here are some running clubs to join. Continue reading “Running Groups to Join in Birmingham”

Bright future of solar power not yet shining in Alabama – Part 1 of 3


The largest power source in this neck of the universe is still 93 million miles away from Earth. But its energy-producing potential for our planet is closer than ever to truly being realized.Solar Power, Birmingham, Alabama

Solar power has been touted for decades as being the ultimate answer to our energy needs. According to researchers at MIT, the amount of sunlight striking the earth’s surface is more than 10,000 times greater than the world’s total energy usage. Or as solar advocates like to put it, one hour of sunshine can create one year’s worth of energy.

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An Optometrist with a Passion for Sustainability

Dr. Tiffany Luke, a former graduate of UAB optometry school, has established her own practice in the heart of downtown.

Across from the Lyric Theatre, Luke will be opening “Do Good Eye Care” in the historic Pythian Building on March 6th.

There’s more than meets the eye with this practice though…

Do Good Eye Care has taken space at the Pythian Building on 18th Street North.
Picture from Google – Pythian Building – 310 18th St. North

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Proton, anti-cancer: UAB building new radiation treatment center

A current proton therapy machine. Source:

UAB is installing a new and improved form of cancer treatment – proton therapy. Proton therapy is generally described as x-ray radiation therapy, but better: it’s more precise and less damaging to healthy tissue than its more common counterpart.

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What you missed – #BOLDSpeakerSeries03 with Will Lochamy & Scott Register

When we think about people in the Birmingham area who are “Bold Movers”, Will Lochamy and Scott Register are two people who come to mind.

Thursday night, at Good People Brewing Co., Bham Now hosted its 3rd BOLD Speaker Series featuring the iconic Bham radio hosts of The Morning Blend  by Birmingham Mountain Radio.

Photo by Kristina O’Quinn

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Need Girl Scout Cookies? “Find Cookies Here”

Girl Scouts Birmingham Alabama
It’s Girl Scout cookie season in Birmingham – find a booth sale in your neighborhood

It’s been 11 months since the last Girl Scout cookie sale.  You just pulled out your last box of thin mint cookies, you stored in your freezer from last year’s booth sale. Like clock work, your stomach grumbles…. you know it’s that time of year again.  It’s Girl Scout cookie season!

This weekend, Girl Scouts throughout North Central Alabama will be holding GS cookie booth sales in front of local businesses.

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