EVENT ALERT + FREE BEER: Go to Alabama Environmental Council’s “Recycle 101” event, Sunday, Oct. 23

Alabama Environmental Council
Help keep Alabama clean with recycling. (Alabama Environmental Council)

The Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) is the one-stop shop for all information on how to keep our state clean of toxic waste. Keep reading to learn about why this is important + their event coming up on Sunday, October 23.

Saying no to styrofoam

Blueroot with Alabama Environmental Council
Jennifer Ryan with BLUEROOT receiving the Gold Partner plaque. (Alabama Environmental Council / Facebook)

The Alabama Environmental Council (AEC) has great programs such as the Earth Aware Team (EAT) Restaurant Initiative. Restaurants can earn three different levels of sustainability based on what sustainable practices they use (no styrofoam, donate leftovers, compost, little to no PFAS and no plastic silverware or bags).

We have highlighted some of these restaurants that are EAT verified before but you can find the whole list on their website.

“We have been using bio-degradable + compostable packaging since day one, so the transition into Alabama’s Environmental Council’s EAT Initiative was an easy one. We use bamboo untensils instead of plastic and recycled cups + glass. We also work with local farmers and those in need to make sure no food goes to waste. Of course, we aren’t perfect, but we believe in the mission that AEC is setting. We hope to bring in more small businesses to work together to make sustainable products more accessible and lower the costs.”

Jennifer Ryan, BLUEROOT

So why is no styrofoam important? Since COVID-19 there has been a rise in delivery + takeout services which has increased the number of styrofoam and plastic wear being used. These items contain a “forever chemical” called PFAS which transports into our bodies via styrofoam and plastic. This is harmful to our bodies, yet almost every American is living with the chemical in their bodies. The AEC’s mission is to reduce this chemical and keep Birmingham clean.

Help keep Birmingham clean

Alabama Environmental Council
Free beer + an educational experience? Say no more! (Alabama Environmental Council / Facebook)

In efforts to raise awareness of these chemicals and the impact they have on our city, AEC has an event coming up on October 23 at Cahaba Brewing Co. The event is dubbed “Recycle 101” and will have a panel of experts to talk about the do’s and don’ts of recycling + other sustainable practices. PLUS, your first beer is free!

If you are a restaurant owner and want to learn more about the EAT restaurant initiative be sure to check out their website.

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