Meet 3 amazing Realtors who joined the real estate industry + find out how you can, too


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Are you looking for a career that’s as rewarding as it is professionally challenging? You might want a career in real estate! Meet three Ray & Poynor agents who followed new career paths to see why they love it—and why you might, too.

Meet the Realtors 🌟

Katherine Littrell

Before beginning her career in real estate, Katherine Littrell was a stay-at-home-mom-turned-entrepreneur. She and her business partner launched Tastebuds, an enrichment program for preschool children that used STEM concepts and a curriculum centered around cooking, gardening and crafting.

After the pandemic, she and her business partner made the hard decision to shut down Tastebuds. Despite that difficult choice, she knew it was the perfect opportunity to move into real estate and begin working directly with people while they make decisions on their homes.

“I absolutely love interacting with and helping people. As a real estate agent, I am allowed the flexibility to be the wife and mother I have been, and I get to work with lots of wonderful people—not only in my office but with my clients. It’s truly the best home/work life I could ask for. I never regret that decision—it is so rewarding.”

Katherine Littrell, Realtor, Ray & Poynor

Mary Harmon Muir-Taylor

Mary Harmon’s career included public accounting and campus recruiting in the professional services industry before she moved into a career in real estate.

“Between my experience with accounting and recruiting, I realized that my draw to the responsible decision-making process mirrors what happens in home buying. This was a natural next step for me.

I always had the itch for real estate but confirmed my interest when I went through the home buying process myself. I saw how important it was to have a good agent. The relationship and service side of real estate was what made the industry most appealing.”

Mary Harmon Muir-Taylor, Realtor, Ray & Poynor

Frances Richardson

Frances knew a career in real estate was in her future—so much so that she minored in it at The University of Alabama! Through her work with a top Tuscaloosa Realtor and internship with a commercial real estate firm in Manhattan, she became even more passionate about the industry.

“I fell in love with the spontaneity every day held. Whether the day consisted of touring a beautiful home, meeting with new clients, or perfecting marketing tactics, I was excited for each new adventure.”

Frances Richardson, Realtor, Ray & Poynor

When she walked into Ray & Poynor for her first interview, she knew it was the right brokerage for her, thanks to the training offered and the tight-knit family feel.

Sound like the perfect place for your career to thrive? Reach out to the Ray & Poynor team today.

Why real estate? 🔥

Ray & Poynor team
At Ray & Poynor, you might just be lucky enough to find coworkers who are friends, too. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers in real estate are expected to grow in the next 10 years, and for good reason. No matter your professional background, you’ll find that real estate combines different strengths that will help you thrive.

Here’s why careers in real estate are a great option:

  • You have the flexibility of managing your own schedule.
  • There are limitless opportunities in the real estate industry, including residential and commercial.
  • There are plenty of growth opportunities and opportunities to shift as the market changes.

Working at Ray & Poynor will give you the flexibility to manage your own schedule, along with the support and structure of a seasoned team to guide each and every employee.

“We refer to Ray & Poynor as the ‘RP Family’ because it truly is a family where any agent can go to another and ask for help or support.”

Frances Richardson, Realtor, Ray & Poynor

Plus, if you’re looking to sell your home, you can trust the team at Ray & Poynor to give you guidance.

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