Legion Field: “The Old Gray Lady” on a gray day in December

Legion Field Birmingham

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With the SEC championship game being played once again today in Atlanta between Alabama and Florida, we took a quick visit to the place where the inaugural SEC championship game was played 24 years ago –Legion Field.

It was a gray and chilly day when we took these photos today (Dec. 3, 2016) much like it was back on December 5, 1992. Interestingly, just like today’s 2016 Alabama team, the 1992 Crimson Tide was undefeated coming into the game, and was needing a win to play for the national championship.  Florida’s 1992 team also had 3 defeats on it’s record, the same as this 2016 Gators.

Another fact. 83,091 people attended the game in 1992. Today, Legion Field’s capacity is considerably smaller at 71, 594.

Enjoy the pictures and memories.

#mannequinchallenge #RollTide

The #mannequinchallenge is the Internet’s new obsession. Basically, everyone freezes in whatever pose they were doing and someone films the result.

The Crimson Tide have gotten into the action and @reubenfoster_FG posted one in his feed. Enjoy.

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Chicago Cubs “nemeses” Indian’s Kluber and Francona have Birmingham connections

Birmingham-born Cory Kluber
Birmingham-born Cory Kluber

Tonight, at the local sports bar, when you are watching the Chicago Cubs fight for their World Series survival against the Cleveland Indians – here is a bit of Birmingham trivia.

Where was Indians pitcher Corey Kluber (2 wins and only 1 run allowed in 12 innings) and odds on favorite to win the Series MVP born?

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“Hey Coach!” – A Conversation with Ole Saint Nick

Whether naughty or nice, Ole Saint Nick (a.k.a – Nick Saban – bet you didn’t catch that one) is comin for ya…

Fans, ask your favorite coach about his thoughts on the Tides success and SEC presence.

The win over Tennessee is a current point of pride for the Tide, but as we all know, Saban just wants to improve; we may never understand the somewhat discontentment with performance, but what ever it is, keep doin it man!

The “Hey Coach!” talk show is an opportunity for fans, and loyal Finebaum callers, to ask the man himself their questions. This can be quite magical for some.

The weekly radio show is recorded live from Bob’s Victory Grille in Tuscaloosa on Thursday night.

– Rainer Sabin, AL.com


Ultimate Frisbee Could be on Track to be the Next Big Sport

Image result for ultimate frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee is one of the fastest growing sports in America – with good reason. It is a sport that anyone can play. However at higher levels of play it will require the athleticism of football and the skill of a sport like soccer.

Seeing sports like handball and table tennis in the Olympics makes one think about what is stopping Ultimate Frisbee from being the next Olympic sport. There are plenty of ways to get involved in Birmingham and start a potential road to the Olympics.

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