3 ways Orangetheory helps you see results from the inside out


OrangeTheory 14 3 ways Orangetheory helps you see results from the inside out
Get more than a workout from Orangetheory. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

“Orangetheory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout designed to produce results from the inside out, giving people a longer, more vibrant life.” That’s the motto at Orangetheory Fitness (OTF). We dove into this to see exactly what makes Orangetheory such a unique workout experience. Keep reading to learn more.

1. It’s Technology-tracked

OTF 4 3 ways Orangetheory helps you see results from the inside out
The OTBeat allows you to keep track of your work. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

People love to see the progress they’re making when they work out, and wearing an OTBeat allows you to see your performance date from every single second of class. We got to learn all about the benefits of wearing the OTBeat.

In studio:

  • Easily see your heart rate zones at all times during class
  • Personalized maximum HR after just 5 classes using at OTBeat Performance Tracker
  • Accurate and personalized performance data based on your most recent workout history
  • See your personalized max HR in real time after each class in a break down per minute

Out of studio:

  • Outdoor and at-home workouts including running, walking, HIIT, lifting, stretching, cardio, etc.
  • Classes can be accessed through the Orangetheory app and your OTBeat will count your splat points

Whether you’re in studio, at home, or hitting the outdoors, your workout stats are right in front of you. The OTBeat tells you when to push yourself, when to rest and when your workout is working. Plus, it’s all backed up by personalized numbers.

Ready to get to work and see results? Get started at Orangetheory today.

2. It’s Coach-inspired

OTF 1 3 ways Orangetheory helps you see results from the inside out
You just can’t beat OTF. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

I must say, the coaches have to be my favorite thing about Orangetheory. There are so many reasons for this, the biggest one being that all coaches are three times certified. This is a big deal—when it comes to a healthy and effective workout, you want a coach that knows what they’re doing. All OTF coaches are certified in personal training, Orangetheory’s OTFit program and CPR/AED.

The coaches make all the difference during those moments where you just need a little push to get through an exercise. Here’s a look at what else makes the coaches at OTF so awesome:

  • They take you through every class, motivating and challenging you in a personal way.
  • They make corrections and ensure that you aren’t overtraining or under training.
  • They make sure you’re getting the best benefits from every exercise.
  • They’re always receiving ongoing training in different areas, so you know you’re getting the latest and greatest tips.

3. It’s Science-backed

20230412 134517 3 ways Orangetheory helps you see results from the inside out
The coaches at OTF keep you motivated all class long. (Ben Johnson / Bham Now)

Orangetheory is science-backed, which means you’re going to see results.

The treadmills at Orangetheory are specifically designed for their workouts. This gives members an easy way to do time intervals with their quick touch buttons and the unique flex deck on the treadmill reduces the impact on members’ joints by 40% compared to normal treadmills.

Psst—for the month of April, OTF has a “quit free guarantee” where you can try OTF for 30 days risk free and if you don’t love it, you’ll your money back!

Ready to get your sweat on? Find your closest Orangetheory and get started today!

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