UAB Football Breaks Ground on New Training Facility

It has been quite a journey for the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s Football team. It’s been two years since the program was shut down and nearly one year since it was reinstated because of the public outcry from the UAB and Birmingham community.

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Development Proceeds Infrastructure: Vestavia

When I say 5 o’clock, or 280, some people (or most, but lets not get too confident) would think of traffic, bad drivers, crappy roads, congested intersections, etc… I mean, the list goes on and on, but one thing’s for sure, the increased development of neighborhoods, parks, and office buildings may not be helping these conditions. 

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Innovation Depots Velocity Accelerator: Birmingham’s Startup Bootcamp

With over 200 people in attendance, the Velocity Accelerator was welcomed into Birmingham this past Tuesday.

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Birmingham Holds Top 2 Spots in Most Segregated School Districts by Poverty

Birmingham has come a long way, but we still need to make things better for everyone.  

This report by NPR, shows that Birmingham, Alabama holds the top 2 spots when comparing poverty by school districts across the U.S.  We are the ONLY southern state to make the list.  Why?  We have divided ourselves into mini-locales that work independently.  This leads to some very wealthy school districts and some very poor ones.  Is this best for the overall growth and health of the Birmingham area?

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Century Plaza Has Prospective Buyer

Once the booming place to shop – and disco dance – Century Plaza has been vacant since 2009 suffering from the opening of newer, shinier malls like Hover’s Galleria.  But now, a prospective buyer, New Rising Star Missionary Baptist Church, might come to the rescue.  The owner is seeking to sell for $7M and the deal is currently in review.

by Joe Songer,
by Joe Songer,

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Birmingham Luxury Home Market Growing

Like many industries in Birmingham, the luxury home market is in an evolving state.

With every thing happening down town… the luxury buyers kinda migrate back that way. You are seeing really hot markets in Forest Park Redmont area for instance, is one area that’s really hot…

-Ty West, Editor, Birmingham Business Journal

Ty says that all the companies moving on and close to 280 are building some sort of mini city centers. On the same page, down town is growing rapidly with development plans geared toward the massive open stadium and other luxury options.

Hopefully this will promote major housing growth in the area.