This program is helping nonprofits better serve the Birmingham community

Alabama Association of Nonprofits
Terra Mortensen, Danielle Dunbar and Carla Smotherman. (Bham Now)

Curious about how to grow your nonprofit? For the first time since 2013, the Alabama Association of Nonprofits (AAN) is hosting its Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute (NELI) to help nonprofits thrive within the community. Read on to learn more about this leadership program and who’s part of it.

Alabama Association of Nonprofits is equipping leaders

Training nonprofits. Alabama Association of Nonprofits
Training nonprofits is what this organization is all about. (Alabama Association of Nonprofits)

AAN, an organization that helps nonprofits succeed through training, advocacy and management support, is kicking off NELI, a 10-month program on organizational health.

With the help of the Alabama Power Foundation and the Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham, this leadership program gives participants leadership and management tools. AAN is equipping participants to become knowledgeable managers, better designers of infrastructure and stronger leaders in their communities.

“If the Association doesn’t provide leadership training equitably, we all suffer. There is great power and strength in diversity. It allows us to be more innovative and better problem solvers. Nonprofits are stronger when we learn from a variety of perspectives.”

Danielle Dunbar, Executive Director, Alabama Association of Nonprofits

Who’s part of the leadership cohort?

The program is all about learning and working together. This year’s leadership cohort is stacked with incredible leaders from life-changing nonprofits:

We can’t wait to see how this program helps these leaders make an even bigger impact within our communities.

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