6 of the most photo-worthy spots at City Walk Bham—downtown’s incredible new greenspace


City Walk Fountain
The City Walk Fountain is just so beautiful when the lights are on. (Steve Dunlap / Dunlap Productions)

Have you been to City Walk Bham yet? If you have, you know how much fun it is. If you haven’t, keep reading to find out why you need to check it out.

What is City Walk Bham?

City Walk is a 10-city block greenspace that runs underneath the I-59/20 corridor through downtown from 15th St N to 25th St N at 9th Ave N. It opened last year just in time for The World Games 2022, and has already become a popular spot for everyone from skaters to pickleball players, dogwalkers to children and more.

Wondering where to park? There are three City Walk Bham lots where you can park and pay using the ParkMobile app. Be sure to download it on your phone beforehand.

  • Playground (Orange Block)
  • Barkery (Pink Block)
  • Labyrinth behind ASFA (Purple Block)

There’s also plenty of on-street parking surrounding each block, depending on what’s happening at the time. All are programmed with the Park Mobile app.

ICYMI, here are some stories we wrote as City Walk was being built, between April and July 2022:

There is so much to do at City Walk Bham

Rather than giving you a huge list of all the things you could possibly do at City Walk, we thought it would be fun to share six of the most photo-worthy spots to inspire you to check it out for yourself. Here’s what we’ve got:

1. Pickleball

Pickleball at City Walk Bham
Emma + Audrey playing pickleball at City Walk Bham. (Bham Now)

You’ll find 10 pickleball courts total at City Walk—eight on the Eastern side and two on the Western side, complete with wind screens, paddle caddies to establish the priority of play and bridge lighting that makes night play possible. Near The Barkery and Bier Garten are eight courts, and there are two more near the Food Truck Plaza.

Fun fact: Pickleball is one of Birmingham’s hottest new spots.

  • Hours: 7AM-10PM Eastern courts | 7AM-7PM Western courts | 7 days a week
  • More info

2. The skate park + skating rink

Skating at City Walk BHAM
If you have your own skates, you can skate at City Walk BHAM. (Bham Now)

The skate park is a word-class facility designed by New Line Skate Parks that boasts over 58,000 square feet of skateable area, including:

  • a pump track
  • a street course
  • two large bowls
  • beginner bowls
  • quarter pipe areas

Fun fact: This is actually the largest skate park in Central Alabama, and you’ll find lots of skaters and BMXers taking advantage of it whenever you go. Right next door, you’ll find an 11K square foot roller skating rink, too.

3. The labyrinth

Labyrinth, City Walk
One of two labyrinths in the city of Birmingham. (Bham Now)

One of only two labyrinths in the City of Birmingham, this is the perfect spot for a meditative spiritual journey or a lively drum circle.

John Scalici of Get Rhythm
John Scalici regularly leads drum circles at City Walk Bham. (Britt Allen)

John Scalici of Get Rhythm hosts a regular “Community Drum Jam Drum Circle” at the Labyrinth:

  • When: Every second Sunday, 4-6PM—open to all + no experience necessary
  • Next one: Sunday, July 9, 4-6PM, Block C

Anne Markum Bailey hosts a bi-monthly Labryinth Walk:

  • When: Every second + fourth Thursday evening, 6-7PM

4. The Barkery

The Barkery at City Walk Bham is a favorite of dogs + their humans alike. (Bham Now)

The Barkery is a membership-only off-leash dog park. The membership agreement and rules for membership help City Walk ensure the safety of the canine community.

Fun fact: Dogs and their humans can play in this 50K square foot park, complete with fenced areas for small and large dogs, water features and dog-sized play equipment.

5. The playground

City Walk BHAM playground
Climbing at the playground. (Bham Now)

The ADA-accessible playground at City Walk Bham takes its inspiration from Alabama’s five physiographic regions:

  • Coastal Plain
  • Piedmont
  • Alabama Ridge + Valley
  • Cumberland Plateau
  • Highland Rim

Everything you could need is nearby, including parking, restrooms, a shaded seating area and, of course, play equipment and rubberized surfaces.

  • Hours: 7AM-7PM | 7 days a week

Fun fact: Each area features a play structure that reflects the dominant feature of each region.

6. The fountain

City Walk BHAM
City Walk BHAM has something for everyone. (Bham Now)

Barge Design Solutions, Inc. (Barge), the design firm for City Walk’s entire master plan, and Aqua Design International designed this beautiful fountain which is located next to the City Walk Bham Welcome Center (between Legacy Arena and the Birmingham Museum of Art).

  • Welcome Center Hours: 9AM-5PM daily
  • What to expect: City Walk Ambassadors provide information + answer yours questions about City Walk Bham.

Plan your visit to City Walk Bham today + follow them on social: Instagram | Facebook

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