CityWalk BHAM nearing completion ahead of The World Games 2022

CityWalk BHAM
An overview of CityWalk BHAM. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Construction on CityWalk BHAM is nearing its final stages, just in time for The World Games 2022. Keep reading to learn more about the progress.

CityWalk BHAM June Update

CityWalk BHAM
CityWalk BHAM in June. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

On Wednesday, May 25th, ALDOT shared an updated on CityWalk BHAM project milestones:

  • Block A – framework in place for wayfinding signage; panels in civil rights area pending installation
  • Block B – concrete work in skate park finishing next week; doors installed; hardware / fixtures needed in medium station
  • Block C – installing handrails; wayfinding signage and rule signage being installed
  • Block D – working on visitor center- installing doors, finishing HVAC for visitor’s center, structural glass being installed, touch up painting ongoing; 9th avenue concrete to be complete in next couple of weeks
  • Block E – wayfinding signage installation ongoing; landscaping 90% complete- adding mulch and pine straw
  • Block F – wayfinding signage installation ongoing; handrails being installed around stage area; decomposed aggregate being installed; mulch and pine straw needed in landscape areas
  • Block G – small station door installations and fixtures, toilet paper holders, hand dryers, etc.; landscaping on south side of parking lot ongoing
  • Block H – playground equipment installed- pending swings; landscaping going in around pond; fountain installed in pond- pending power; concrete work-filling in previous access points; landscape underway- laying sod
CityWalk BHAM
One of the playground structures at CityWalk BHAM. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

The Climbing & Play Areas—which bookends the western end of CityWalk BHAM in Block H—includes a GameTime Challenge Course, swing sets, rock-climbing structures and much more. According to signage recently installed, the CityWalk BHAM Climbing & Play Area will be open from 7AM to 11PM.

Details about CityWalk BHAM

CityWalk BHAM
CityWalk BHAM in June. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Located under the I-59/20 bridge in Birmingham, CityWalk BHAM is a 31-acre park designed to offer exciting new recreational activities to the Birmingham community. The park is made up of eight sections spread across ten city blocks:

  • Block A: (15th Street to 16th Street) Recreational Sports and Gathering Space â€” Plans include challenge course, amphitheater, civil rights story zone, recreational sports space with artificial turf, multi-use field, gathering space and a 1/4-mile walking trail.
  • Block B: (16th Street to 18th Street) Food Trucks, Skate Park â€” Plans include a roller skating rink, food trucks, activity zone and a skate park.
  • Block C: (18th Street to 19th Street) Performance Space, Outdoor Classroom â€” Plans include performance space, outdoor classroom and parking.
  • Block D: (19th Street to Richard Arrington Jr Blvd) Central Plaza â€” Plans include an outdoor stage, central gathering space, green ribbon garden path, water feature, restrooms, security station and info desk.
  • Block E: (Richard Arrington Jr Blvd to 22nd Street) Market Space â€” Plans for this block include a market space.
  • Block F: (22nd Street to 23rd Street) Beer and Wine Garden â€” Plans include a beer and wine garden and a green ribbon garden path.
  • Block G: (23rd Street to 24th Street) Dog Park â€” Plans include a dog park, pickleball, restrooms and parking.
  • Block H: (24th Street to 25th Street) Gateway to City Walk with Pond and Playground â€” Plans include a gateway pond, greenspace, playground, restroom and pavilion.

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