Huffstutler Building in Homewood bought by On the DL. LLC—find out what’s next

What’s in store for this building? (Ironvest Partners)

This year, we had to say a sad goodbye to our beloved neighborhood hardware store Huffstutlers Hardware. After closing its doors, On The DL., LLC swiftly purchased this 12,891-square-foot retail building. Curious to see what’s in store? Keep reading to find out.

The building

We all have seen it—Homewood’s stunningly rapid growth. From the new luxury hotel to the many new businesses calling Homewood home, this growth is deserved. Sometimes, growing means changes have to be made. The Huffstutler Building has been a part of Homewood since the 1930s making it one of the city’s staples. Sadly, the tenant had to close its doors in the fall, but the building did not stay on the market for long. Due to its central location, the building was quickly sold by Ironvest Partners and bought by On the DL., LLC.

The Huffstutler Building is within walking distance of a variety of Homewood attractions like Homewood Bagel Company, making it an appealing investment. The building is also alluring because of the parking availability and historic aspect.

What’s next?

Huffstutlers Hardware
Huffstutlers Hardware closed its doors this fall. (Pat Byington / Bham Now)

There is already a plan underway for the Huffstutler Building. Owner Jared Lewis plans to do all new landscaping and reconfigure the current parking situation so there is even more parking than now. The plan is to convert the building for multiple retail and office uses.

“We plan to renovate both the interior and exterior of the building to bring life to this former hardware store. We are honored to continue the legacy of this fantastic property that the Huffstutler family cared very well for.”

Jared Lewis, Owner, Huffstutler Building

They are currently recruiting new and vibrant tenants to add to the already wonderful businesses in Central Avenue Homewood. Interested in adding YOUR business? Contact Jared Lewis at

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