Help raise money for Ukraine at this concert, Nov. 17

Misha Feigin, the artist. (East Village Arts)

Wondering how you can help raise awareness and funds for Ukraine? You can join Russian-born poet and musician Misha Feigin and Birmingham’s LaDonna Smith in concert as they perform Russian and Ukrainian melodies in support of Ukraine. On Thursday, November 17 at 7PM, head down to East Arts Village to celebrate the difference music can make.

What is East Village Arts of Birmingham?

East Village Arts (EVA) is a local venue that brings together community artists to share diverse and inspirational stories. You can enjoy all types of art including artist showcases, exhibitions and workshops, concerts and spoken word poetry.

Meet the performers

Have you seen LaDonna Smith in concert? (East Village Arts)

Taking the stage is guest artist Misha Feigin. He’s a Moscow-born poet who has mastered the art of improvising. Joining him is Birmingham violist LaDonna Smith. The two have toured Europe twice together, so you can bet their stage presence is spectacular. You can also expect music and poetry that represents freedom of expression and democracy including pieces such as the Eastern European classic “Gypsy Violin.”

Performing with these two exceptional artists will be violinist Alina Tuganova. Born and raised in Ukraine, she now lives in the US, but her family is still in Kiev. Also, guitarist Mark Schantz, a history professor at Birmingham Southern College, will be on stage with these all-star performers.

If you wish to help families like Tuganova’s, you can make a donation to the cause here.

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