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Kemp's Kitchen Catering
Assembly line at Kemp’s Kitchen Catering (Bham Now)

Finding and keeping talent can be tough. In fact, back in early July we polled our audience on LinkedIn and discovered that a full 67% of respondents were either actively looking for a new job or not looking but open. Kemp’s Kitchen Catering believes the way to employees’ hearts is through their stomachs, and they’ve got the happy customers to prove it. Keep reading to find out how you can get their home-cooked meals for your workplace or special occasion.

Kemp's Kitchen & Bakery
Kemp’s Kitchen & Bakery in Gardendale serves MrBeast Burgers and a whole lot more. (Sharron Swain / Bham Now)

In case you haven’t yet heard of Kemp’s Kitchen, we wrote about them last winter when they started serving food with a robot named Betsy, and in the spring when my kids and I went up to try a MrBeast Burger.

And if you have, you already know how tasty their food is. But did know they run an impressive catering operation out of their 9,000 square foot facility in Gardendale?

Here’s what makes Kemp’s Kitchen unique among catering options in the Birmingham area:

1. It’s locally-owned + the owner might even deliver your food

Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp getting the chicken ready for frying. (Bham Now)

Kemp’s Kitchen is 100% locally-owned by the Kemp family.

When organizations or individuals order food from Kemp’s Kitchen, they’re putting money back into the local economy and building relationships with people they’ll see again and again.

In fact, we hear it’s not uncommon to see owner Brian Kemp or marketing director Daniel Harp personally delivering food..

“We have that relationship with the customer—no matter how big we get or how big they are.”

Daniel Harp, Marketing Director, Kemp’s Kitchen

2. The food is consistently delicious

Kemp's Kitchen chicken
That chicken looks soooo tasty. (Bham Now)

Kemp’s Kitchen has the same cooks cooking the same food every day, so you know what you’ll get.

“It’s always got that good, home-cooked feeling, home-cooked taste.”

Daniel Harp, Marketing Director, Kemp’s Kitchen Catering
Kemp's Kitchen Catering Menu
Kemp’s Kitchen has a full catering menu. (Kemp’s Kitchen Catering)

3. Local companies love the food + the service

Kemp's Kitchen Catering
Kemp’s Kitchen has a number of people they can call in at any moment to get catering orders ready in a flash. (Bham Now)

“Employee retention is so important right now. Companies order from us and their employees stay happy. For some companies, being able to say ‘we buy your lunch and it’s good, quality food from a local kitchen’ is a good selling point when it comes to hiring as well.”

Daniel Harp, Kemp’s Kitchen Catering

Kemp’s Kitchen Catering’s corporate customers include:

  • Alabama Power—boxed lunches for linemen who are on call 24/7 during weather emergencies.
  • Bradley—one of the largest law firms in Birmingham.
  • P&S Transportation—a massive trucking dispatch company.
  • Rusken Packaging, Inc.—a packaging company based in Cullman.

Schedule a free tasting at your company. Check out their catering menu today.

4. They offer free tastings

Kemp's Kitchen Catering
Kemp’s Kitchen Catering offers free tastings. (Bham Now)

Organizations or individuals who want to check the food out for catering can request a free tasting.

Note: in addition to regular company meals, they also do weddings, birthday parties and other one-off events.

“People just let me know what they want to try, and we bring them a good bit of food to come see if we can do business with them. We’ll do anything to help the customer.”

Daniel Harp, Kemp’s Kitchen

While they’re known for their meat and three, they also have a menu with burgers, wraps and sandwiches, plus a full catering menu. (clarify this part)

Pro tip: since COVID started, individual boxed meals have been a big hit.

5. They can get your order ready quickly

Kemp's Kitchen Catering
Getting boxed lunches ready for delivery. (Bham Now)

Kemp’s Kitchen has the space, the equipment, the staff and the food on backtock to push out over a thousand meals daily and at the last minute if needed.

Get started with Kemp’s Kitchen Catering today: call 205.842.8551 or email Daniel Harp or email Tiffany Kemp.

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