Find out which Gardendale restaurant has a robot serving guests

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It’s got the moves. (Sabrina Palmer / Bham Now)

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to interact with a robot, now you can. Say hello to Betsy—a restaurant service robot at Kemp’s Kitchen in Gardendale. Read on to learn more.

About the robot

A new dining experience awaits. (Kemp’s Kitchen)

Just one week ago, Kemp’s Kitchen welcomed their newest team member—a robot named Betsy. Her job? To help make the restaurant more efficient as well as enhance the dining experience. Here’s what she can do: greet guests, serve food to tables and assist with bussing tables. Pretty cool, right?

Created by Bear Robotics, the bot works like this: Via a small tablet on its back Betsy is programmed with each table number. When she visits your table, you’ll place your order and the kitchen will prepare your meal. The kitchen staff then places the food on Betsy who rolls it right out to you.

What led to Kemp’s getting a robot server?

“With all of the advancements in tech, we saw an opportunity to help our service be faster and more efficient.”

Daniel Harp, Marketing Coordinator, Kemp’s Kitchen

Currently, the Kemp’s Kitchen in Gardendale is the only location that has a food service robot. But, Harp said it is likely that multiple locations will also eventually have them. 

The future of the restaurant industry

Technology is amazing. (Kemp’s Kitchen)

We aren’t at The Jetson’s level just yet, so don’t expect a mass robot takeover any time soon. But according to Harp, it’s a great way for restaurants to provide quality service, especially in times of labor shortages like during the COVID pandemic.

And don’t worry humans, service robots like Betsy aren’t there to take your job, and definitely not your well-deserved tips. Instead, these helpful bots are here to provide you with the extra assistance needed to make your job easier.

Ready to see Betsy the Robot in action? You can find her serving guests all day, every day at Kemp’s Kitchen in Gardendale—838 Odum Road, Gardendale, Alabama 35071.

More to come for Kemp’s Kitchen

If you haven’t heard, Kemp’s Kitchen released the news on Monday, February 14 that they will be building a brand-new location in Trussville. And as Harp hinted to, there’s a good chance it will also feature a service robot.

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