9 of Birmingham’s talented undiscovered artists you want to check out

undiscovered artists painting of taco casa
Catch Michael’s art at Studio 412. (Michael Acuff)

One thing is for certain when it comes to Birmingham: it’s crawling with talent. From musicians to painters, the art scene in Birmingham is vibrant. We’ve gathered a few of the undiscovered artists here in the Magic City that you will want to support.


1. mood room

Fans of the 90’s alternative sound will love what mood room is producing. With sounds similar to Bôa and lyrics comparable to Hole, listening to this band will make you feel like you’re back in 1999 at your friend’s basement show.

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2. 205 Messiah

Birmingham is the next Atlanta when it comes to the rap scene. I’m calling it now. For fans of rap and the hottest tracks, listen to 205 Messiah. He’s one of the undiscovered artists that deserves to play at the iconic Rolling Loud festival. Come on Birmingham, let’s get him there.

3. Kamál Akeem

If you’ve been to Beats & Brunch at Monday Night Brewing, then you’ve probably heard the sets by Kamál Akeem, THE Birmingham music producer and DJ. This music is the best to chill to when you’re studying, working or simply vibing. Don’t believe me? Give him a listen.


Love the dreamy sounds of experimental techno and house? Give BREUIN a listen. We’re not gatekeepers when it comes to great music and we think this artist deserves more love from our city and beyond.

5. Jahnah Camille

If you love the soft guitar of Japanese Breakfast and the vocals of Mazzy Star, then you’ll love this. Jahnah Camille is a dream pop artist who captivates you with her satiny sound.

Visual Artists

6. Lily Ahree Siegel

Originally from Birmingham, Lily Ahree Siegel tells vividly beautiful stories from the visual arts perspective. Now, she works in London, but she produces films for everyone. We’re lucky enough to see her art in Birmingham’s very own Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts.

7. Monique Joinissi

For interior design, graphic art and textured paintings, browse through Monique Joinissi’s art. As Birmingham’s undercovered artists go, she has mastered self-expression, making her collection uniquely Monique.

8. Michael Acuff

autumn leaves mountain
Mountain mama. (Michael Acuff)

Michael Acuff makes art that reflects the community and our values. From landscapes to everyday items, there is something so mesmerizing about the little things he captures. You should add him to your list of undiscovered artists to check out.

9. Maddie AKA pocaribomb

For those who appreciate the art of graphic design and the rules that digital art bends, check out one of Birmingham’s undiscovered artists, Maddie. She specializes in making art for the community. Since she makes posters, her art has interesting visuals that connect to each artist she creates for.

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