Lane Parke is getting sweeter—say hello to a new Sons Donuts location

Sons Donuts
We “donut” want to wait for the new Sons Donuts to open! (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

This day just keeps on getting sweeter! Sons Donuts just announced that they will be opening a new location for Mountain Brook to call their own this fall. What are the big plans for these little donuts? Keep on reading to find out.

Lane Parke’s newest tennant

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Lane Parke is soon to be Mountain Brook’s newest destination. (Terri Robertson / Bham Now)

Big news for donut fanatics. Beloved family-owned donut shop, Sons Donuts, will be opening up their second location in new development, Lane Parke. According to owner, Jim Watkins, the new location will be keeping the same menu with the classic mini donuts and coffee, but adding a very special twist.

Mountain Brook residents will now have access to a full coffee bar—not just limited to iced and hot coffee. Out of respect for their Avondale neighbor, Punch Love Coffee, they held back on the coffee bar, but now the plan is officially in motion.

“So we are going to offer our mini donuts hot to order. But we are going to be expanding our coffee offerings to be a full barista experience of espresso drinks. That’s gonna be a little bit more of an expansion from what we do have now.”

-Jim Watkins, Owner, Sons Donuts

Their build is scheduled to be completed early this summer but will get to make it their own once the construction is complete, expected to open early fall.

No ordinary donut shop

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Son’s Donuts has a new menu every season. (Madison Croxson / Bham Now)

Don’t be fooled—Sons Donuts is not an ordinary donut shop. Coming from entrepreneurs Jim and Amy Watkins, founders of Steel City Pops, this new shop had quite the hype when it first opened in Avondale early 2021.

Since then, the concept has taken off as it presents customers the option to try a few smaller donuts instead of bigger ones—served with a side of cream to match. Plus, get them in a 4-pack all the way up to a 25-pack—perfect for any gathering.

If you want to stick with a classic donut flavor or want to branch out a little, they have the perfect flavor for you. Among their current seasonal picks, try Orange Cream or Springtime—a Paris tea sugar with cream cheese whip and spring petals.

Until the new shop opens, check them out today in Avondale.

What else is coming to Lane Parke?

The Watkins’ love the area, and for very good reason. Lane Parke seems to be the hottest new spot for eateries, fitness studios, health foods and sweet treats. Among the list are Jeni’s Ice Creams, MELT, Clean Juice, Ignite Cycle and so many others.

“I’m excited about so many things. I mean, we love the location we love we’re going to be a part of an exciting new development there in Mountain Brook but also to be a part of the neighborhood and the community of Mountain Brook. We love to shop there—my wife and I personally do. We’re just excited about bringing something there that can go that doesn’t exist in Mountain Brook at this point, their own donut shop.”

– Jim Watkins, Owner, Sons Donuts

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