The biggest Bham art party is back—3 reasons you’ll want to attend Art On The Rocks

art on the rocks
Time to party! (Nik Layman / Birmingham Museum of Art)

After a two-year hiatus, the Birmingham Museum of Art’s (BMA) Art On The Rocks concert is back! Grammy-winning artist, Eric Bellinger, will be performing, so don’t miss it. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this spectacular event.

Art On The Rocks comeback

out the roof
Out the roof type beat. (Nik Layman / Birmingham Museum of Art)

Since 2005, Art On The Rocks has vitalized the downtown art community by bringing some of the best Birmingham creatives to the BMA. Who doesn’t love art and music?

The pandemic put a halt on the world of events and unfortunately Birmingham Museum of Art was one of the many that had to pause their events including Art On The Rocks. Have no fear—2022 is their comeback year!

We’re immensely excited to see what’s in store especially since it’s one of the biggest art parties in Birmingham. This is a concert you must add to your to-do list.

FUN FACT: Bham Now’s very own CEO + President, Cindy Martin, served on the OG creation committee.

Reason #1. Grammy-winning artist performing

eric bellinger
Award-winning performances. (Nik Layman / Birmingham Museum of Art)

The lyrical and instrumental genius behind Justin Bieber’s “Right Here” and User’s “Lemme See,” Eric Bellinger will be making his way to Art on the Rocks. Did we mention he’s also a Grammy-winning artist?

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Reason #2. Modern artist from NYC

interactive mural
Art lovers, let’s go. (Nik Layman / Birmingham Museum of Art)

BMA will also be hosting a contemporary artist that will be coming down from New York to create an interactive mural with guests during this remarkable event.

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Reason #3. A fabulous way to support the arts

Sharing art is fundamentally human! By going to this event, you’ll be celebrating local and national artists, while also embracing the beauty and ingenuity of art.

Art is magic, so join BMA as they bring back Art on the Rocks with live music, DJs, an interactive mural and more in the Magic City.

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