Where to find community meals in Birmingham + how to donate

Manna Ministries Thanksgiving
Volunteers loading up trucks and cars at Manna Ministries. (Mack McCollum / Bham Now)

With the cost-of-living on the rise, many families are struggling to fill their pantries. If you’re worried about affording food, this guide will help you find local community food banks in Birmingham that can help. Whether you want to donate or are in need of a meal, keep reading to get all the details.

1. Community Meals Program

The menu for the week of 4/12. (McCoy Adult Day Care Center)

The McCoy Adult Day Care Center provides high-quality adult services including supervision, health screening, nutrition, therapeutic activities, exercise and more.

Recently, they’ve started their Community Meals Program for senior citizens in the Birmingham area. The program will provide two meals for seniors over the age of 62. 

Check out our guide of 220+ Birmingham nonprofits to support.

2. Food for Our Journey

Food for Our Journey is a faith-based initiative that utilizes a food truck to deliver food to the hungry. That way those who need food won’t have to search around for the program.

Keep up with them on Facebook to find out where to find their community meals.

3. Community Food Bank

Birmingham, Community Food Bank of Central Alabama, volunteer, donate, food drives community meals
Sharing food makes life a little easier! (Community Food Bank of Central Alabama)

The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama supplies millions of meals per year to over 260 Partner Agencies, including local food pantries, shelters and children’s programs in 12 counties across central Alabama.

Learn more on how you can help the food bank serve the communities through donations.

If you have an emergency food need, dial 2-1-1.

4. Grace Klein Community—FeedBHM

chn Where to find community meals in Birmingham + how to donate
Tyson donated multiple pallets of frozen chicken earlier this month. (Grace Klein)

Sadly, you’ve probably seen those TikToks where restaurants will just dump the leftover food at the end of the day. FeedBHM offers a solution to that issue by rescuing the food from local restaurants, grocers and cafes to end food waste.

Sign up for their new app to help find food that can be saved and distributed to those in need.

5. Birmingham Mutual Aid

A great way to serve your community directly is by becoming a patron for Birmingham Mutual Aid. And who knows the community better than those living in it? Gather your friends and band together with Birmingham Mutual Aid to make food accessible to all.

6. Firehouse Shelter

food community meals
Give the gift of food. (Firehouse Ministries)

Firehouse Shelter has been operating since 1983 providing food, shelter and clothing needs to the homeless men in the Birmingham metro area.

On the last Friday of each month, Firehouse Shelter hosts a community picnic at 11:45AM.

They also serve community meals, from breakfast at 6:30AM to dinner at 7:30PM. If you are looking to donate, the current supplies needed are milk, butter, sugar, eggs and men’s underwear. 

  • When: Last Friday of each month 11:45AM
  • Where: 626 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
  • Donate

7. Manna Ministries

Melanie Siow
RealtySouth’s Melanie Siow at Manna Ministries. (Mack McCollum / Bham Now)

Almost every Saturday for the past 30 years, Manna Ministries has been feeding people. Currently, they feed more than 800 families per month who drive in from Jefferson, Shelby and Chilton Counties.

Manna also serves families from all over Central Alabama, including Fairfield, Bessemer, Center Point and areas farther afield, including Talladega, Prattville and Greensboro.

Learn more about how you can help Manna Ministries.

8. Fountain Heights Farm

Make a massive impact on the community by donating to Fountain Heights Farm. As a part of #WeAllEat Food Cooperative, a BIPOC-centered co-op, they give fresh produce to underserved communities as defined by the USDA.

Become a volunteer for skill-building classes, food gathering and more.

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