Bring your space to life with Plant Stand, local pop-up, design + styling shop

abby and karlin, owners of plant stand
Grow with the flow. (Plant Stand)

Whether they’re at their pop-up shop or styling an office with plant arrangements, best friends Abby Kilmury and Karlin Fleming are bringing blooms to Bham with their business, Plant Stand. Read on to learn why this shop is sure to grow on you.

Best friends + business owners

plant stand trailer
The trailer that started it all. (Plant Stand)

Starting a business with your best friend sounds like a dream come true, and Abby and Karlin get to live it. What started out as a simple idea blossomed into a full-time gig for the dynamic duo.

“It was like a quarantine dream, to be honest. We were cooped up, we’re neighbors and best friends. I was a teacher and I was a little burnt out. We realized during quarantine how happy plants make us and how they bring peace into your home. So, we came up with the idea of actually selling them out of a trailer.”

Karlin Fleming, Co-Owner, Plant Stand

You may be thinking—why a trailer instead of a storefront? The freedom of not being tied down to specific hours and the flexibility to spend time with family made it an easy decision.

After seeing a construction trailer at a yard sale, Abby thought, “What if we make this like a food truck, but a plant shop?” and the rest is history.

Now, bringing plants to the community is a full-time job for Abby and Karlin, but their endeavor is much more than just a pop-up shop.

“The pop up shop is basically our side gig now. It’s our weekend jam and how we network, but we’ve found that what we love now is plant design. Whether that’s living wall installations or doing softscapes and planter boxes in people’s homes with seasonal change outs, we really just love a creative outlet.”

Abby Kilmury, Co-Owner, Plant Stand
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Making spaces bloom

plant stand living wall
A “living wall” installation by Abby and Karlin. (Plant Stand)

Following the success of their pop-up shop, Abby and Karlin decided to expand their horizons into plant design and styling.

These ladies are masters at their craft with projects of all sizes. One of the coolest pieces they do are “living walls”, where a wall is decorated with an assortment of real plants.

Their knack for plant design has even landed their work in the spotlight. Flipping Down South, a new show about flipping houses in East Lake, reached out to the gals at Plant Stand to add a touch of greenery to the updated houses, including filling a vintage canoe with plants as a statement piece.

“The community is super welcoming. People are always telling us, ‘Wow, this is such an amazing idea’. Seeing people’s faces light up after we complete a project is everything. You just can’t beat people in the South, you know?”

Abby Kilmury

As for where they’re taking the business next, the opportunities are endless. Abby and Karlin say they never could have predicted that the business would be where it is today, so they’re taking every new adventure in stride.

Pot it like it’s hot

plant stand backyard design
Backyard goals. (Plant Stand)

Ready to add some of Abby and Karlin’s plant magic into your life? You’ve got options.

From personalized birthday deliveries to custom plant styling in your office space, the ladies at Plant Stand want to make your greenery dreams come true.

Call or email Abby and Karlin for a consultation on any service you may be interested in. Plus, follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on upcoming events and stunning plant designs. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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