It’s game time! Mayor Woodfin announces official USFL Day, April 16 + our mascot needs a name

USFL football for USFL day
How will you celebrate USFL day? (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Mayor Randall L. Woodfin declared Saturday, April 16 as USFL Day in Birmingham during his Mayor’s Report to the City Council this morning, Tuesday, April 12. Keep reading to learn more about the exciting announcement and get a first look at our new mascot!

It’s official–USFL day

Protective Stadium
Ready for Saturday night! (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Get ready, Birmingham! We are less than a week away from the kickoff of the USFL season in The Magic City. The Mayor’s announcement recognizes the opening game of the USFL season in Birmingham. (Have you gotten your tickets?)

During his announcement, Mayor Woodfin was joined by USFL leaders including Daryl Johnston, former Dallas Cowboys star and current USFL Vice President of Operations.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Council members
President Pro Tempore Crystal N. Smitherman, Esq. and Councilman Hunter WIlliams (Facebook / Birmingham City Council)

Declaring Saturday as USFL day is just another outcome of the awesome partnership between the City and the USFL. Members of the City Council spoke highly of the work they’ve done together to get to this point.

“Collectively, we have worked together to bring this to the residents, to the City of Birmingham and to the world. We’re excited for what this will do not only for our residents, but what it will do for the state of Alabama.”

Wardine Towers Alexander, President, City Council of Birmingham

The USFL has been an advocate for working together and bettering the City since the beginning of the initiative. Councilman Hunter Williams expressed his gratitude this morning for the work they’ve done with the City.

Titusville clean up day
USFL players join Pro Tempore Crystal Smitherman at Titusville work day. (Facebook / Birmingham City Council)

“Thank you for immersing yourself in the City of Birmingham. You said upfront ‘we want to be partners with the City, we want to do things like cleanups, like having youth football camps, we want this to be am experience with the citizens of Birmingham.’ Y’all have kept true to your word and I want to thank you for that. We’re looking forward to not only this season but future seasons to come.”

Hunter Williams, Chair of the Economic Development Committee, City Council of Birmingham

Name our mascot!

Stallions mascot
Stallions mascot begging for a name! (Facebook / USFL)

The USFL revealed each team’s mascot Monday, April 11. With kickoff less than a week away, seeing the mascot unveiled is only making us more excited to attend the games this season! We love to see the USFL creating an enjoyable atmosphere during the games and bringing people to the city.

But–there’s a catch. The Stallions mascot is not lacking in personality, but it does need a name! The team needs your help coming up with a name for the new mascot. Each team is taking suggestions on their social media accounts. Tell the Stallions your ideas!

What do you think its name should be? Tag us and let us know at @bhamnow!

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