Lights up! Woodlawn Theatre, a new live music venue, opens summer 2022

woodlawn theatre under construction
Entr’acte. (Woodlawn Theatre)

Big news for Woodlawn! In late summer 2022, the new Woodlawn Theatre will officially open its doors in its historic location at 5503 1st Avenue North. Keep reading to learn more!

Meet the Woodlawn Theatre

Renderings of the new theater. (REV Birmingham)

The upcoming Woodlawn Theatre will be located at 5503 1st Avenue North, in a space that was once home to the Woodlawn Family Theatre, a neighborhood cinema that operated from 1929 to 1957. Now, the historic building will once again be home to a renovated theatre space thanks to the support of these local companies: 

Also, a special shout-out goes to Will Mason, CEO of Mason Music and the Mason Music Foundation, who led this project. The new theater will be home to Mason Music Foundation, which provides scholarships for private music lessons to children who need financial assistance.

“Music reminds us that we have way more in common than things that divide us. This feels like the right moment for the Woodlawn Theatre. We want this to be a positive addition to the neighborhood. We’ll be providing music education and child development opportunities as well as making a positive impact on economic development and community pride.”

Will Mason, Mason Music Foundation, CEO

To the theatre

doors outside the theater
Music waits. (REV Birmingham)

With a 250-person-capacity venue for concerts, weddings, community events and more, this venue will be great for growing artists.

The Woodlawn Theatre blends art deco and mid-century design in contrast with rock and roll club vibes. This will be a place where local artist can hone their craft in a venue that’s just big enough.

The theater plans to open in late summer 2022 and is now accepting bookings for fall 2022 and the 2023 season.

It’s perfectly marvelous (I promise that was the last Cabaret reference)!

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