The University of Alabama unveils new Executive Education Program—learn more


Executive Education Program
Get unmatched training at The Capstone. (Jeffrey Bryant Hanson / The University of Alabama)

The place where Legends are Made has done it again. Introducing The University of Alabama’s latest and greatest, their Executive Education program. Ready to take your career to the next level and learn how to make a major impact within your organization? Read on for full details and how you can apply today.

The University of Alabama’s new Executive Education Program

executive education program
Acquire new skills in T-town. (iStock / The University of Alabama)

Introducing your new favorite way to beef up your resume and get yourself to the next level professionally, The University of Alabama’s Executive Education Program. It’s an expedited way to learn new skills and expose yourself to new career opportunities.

An initiative within the University’s Culverhouse College of Business, the program is designed with the working professional in mind. That means manageable program lengths, in-person/virtual/hybrid learning formats, plus hands-on training from the brightest minds in the field, straight from Culverhouse.

“We’ve heard and heeded the call from established alumni, partners and friends of the Culverhouse College of Business for learning options that are suited for their needs and schedules. We’re going all-in with an executive-focused curriculum crafted by both our highest-ranking and straight-from-industry faculty. Ancillary benefits like campus visits and structured team building and networking opportunities make our offerings especially unique.”

—Kay Palan, Dean, Culverhouse College of Business, The University of Alabama

The perfect fit for those looking to make a big impact

executive education
Learn how you can be a change maker in your organization. (iStock / The University of Alabama)

During the program, you’ll learn valuable skills that employers are actively seeking, while having the unique opportunity to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry.

If you’re looking to specialize, strengthen a particular skillset or even branch out into a new industry without going through a traditional degree-based program, this could be an incredible opportunity for you—apply today.

“Upskilling is a long-term investment in intensifying the knowledge, skills and competencies that help employees advance their careers. Offering and encouraging personal or professional growth opportunities for employees promotes employee engagement and increases retention. Executive Education at the Culverhouse College of Business offers certificate programs designed and created to hone the skills and competencies that employees and their employers find valuable.”

—Jan Jones, Director, Executive Education, Culverhouse College of Business, The University of Alabama

Executive Education Program offerings include cybersecurity and more

executive education program
The first program will cover cybersecurity, essential for any modern workplace. (The University of Alabama)

The inaugural program will focus on Business Cybersecurity, designed for anyone from an IT leader to a more casual day-to-day computer user. The session will span six individual modules, where students will learn transferrable skills like:

  • best practices in developing a cybersecurity-focused culture
  • mitigation
  • insider threats
  • reporting and remediation
  • threat detection

It simply wouldn’t be an Alabama program without some top-notch talent involved. Students will have the opportunity to learn from the esteemed Dr. Allen Johnston, a big name in cyber threats and the Marillyn Hewson Endowed Professor in Cyber Security at The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Business.

Want the opportunity to learn from an industry pro? Register for the Business Cybersecurity Certificate Program today.

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Ready to take your career to the next level? With The University of Alabama’s Executive Education program, the world is your oyster.

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