Domestique Coffee is the “Best Coffee Shop in Alabama” according to Food & Wine

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Your next coffee destination. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

Looking for your next caffeine fix? According to Food & Wine, the respected foodie publication with over 15 million social followers, Birmingham’s Domestique Coffee is the best coffee shop in Alabama. Keep reading to see why.

Why Food & Wine loves Domestique Coffee

Domestique Coffee
Highly recommend trying one of Domestique’s specialty lattes. (Cecilia Wood / Bham Now)

Food & Wine author David Landsel set out on a trek to find the best coffee shops in America, paying particular attention to a few categories: high-quality coffee, aesthetics, environment and hospitality. In Alabama, Landsel was particularly impressed by Domestique Coffee, which has set up shop at Saturn Bar and in Five Points South.

“Once you get used to mornings at the Saturn Bar, where Domestique Coffee makes itself quite comfortable off-hours at one of Birmingham’s better live music venues, you might find it difficult to switch back to your typical cafe setting.”

David Landsel, Food & Wine

Domestique Coffee, founded by brothers Nathan and Michael Pocus, began with the intention of giving people easy access to high-quality coffee. After a trip to Haiti, the brothers decided to roast their own with Haitian coffee beans. Now, they source from multiple countries to find the perfect bean for each roast.

As a self-proclaimed Birmingham coffee shop expert (with a spreadsheet rating lattes and coffee shop environments, to boot), I’m happy to share I’m also a big fan of Domestique. Something about sipping a cozy cup of coffee while being surrounded by the bright colors and bold decor in Saturn makes it the perfect option to catch up with friends or settle in with a good book.

Plus, this isn’t the only time Food & Wine has recognized a local biz as the best in Alabama. In 2021, Hero Doughnuts topped the list for the “best doughnuts in Alabama”.

What’s next for Domestique Coffee?

Domestique Coffee plans to expand its presence in Birmingham with a new shop in Homewood this year. Dawn Patrol, located in a 2-in-1 shop with Cahaba Cycles, will bring their exceptional coffee and attention to detail to Homewood, along with a menu of healthy items.

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