JJ Eyes spring lines are the ultimate fashion statement in eyewear—schedule your visit with their trusted doctor now 


JJ Eyes
Look your best with JJ Eye’s luxury eyewear. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Spring is the season for bright colors and bold fashion, and the eyewear world is no exception. Want to look your best this spring with frames that not only make you feel confident but are top of the line picks? Then you have to head to JJ Eyes Optical Boutique where you can see an eye doctor, get your prescription and take home your dream frames all in one trip. Here’s the down low on their favorite designer’s amazing spring lines and how to schedule an appointment today.

What’s hot this spring

Two styles in season this spring are an assortment of larger round frames, like JJ Eyes’ classic Persol sunglasses and oversized squares like in their Dita and Lindberg frames. Thin wire frames are also a huge hit this season if you’re going for the minimalist look—check out Krewe. For the days you want to stand out, oversized colorful frames are a big 2022 trend. Try out a pair at JJ Eyes with their T. Henri sunglasses in lavender.

Why shop at JJ Eyes?

This Blake Kuwahara frame looks great as prescription wear or as well-healed sunglasses. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Glasses are more than just a way to enhance your vision, they’re a fashion statement, and no one understands that more than the team at JJ Eyes Optical Boutique. Go to JJ Eyes and you’ll get an optical experience like no other, with hands on styling, fittings, color matching and great conversation.

The second you step off the sidewalk of downtown Homewood and into this chic pink and white boutique, you’ll know you’re going to find an incredible pair of glasses. The friendly team greets you on the way in as you spot dozens of fashion-forward frames to choose from.

Owner JJ Vanche and her team stock only the best of the best, and with JJ’s many years of experience in the luxury eyewear market, she knows what’s hot and what’s not. There’s a reason most JJ Eyes customers have been going there for years—the customer service is unmatched and the eyewear selection is cutting edge in both technology and style.

Schedule an eye exam today

JJ Eyes
The incredible JJ Eyes Team. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Before you pick out your favorite frames, make sure your prescription is up to date with an in-store eye appointment. Optometrist Dr. Michael Hooks has been in the field for decades and will check your vision and eye health in a quick and easy one-on-one visit with the doc… no tech included. It’s not your normal eye exam—no long waits, cutting-edge equipment and the chance to be with your doctor from start to finish.

“We have high-tech equipment with a detailed eye examination in a relaxed atmosphere. It’s not a hospital setting—it’s a very upscale space, and people really seem to enjoy it.”

Dr. Michael Hooks, Optometrist, JJ Eyes

Along with glasses, JJ Eyes carries the best contact brands on the market that you can get in-store the same day as your appointment.

Looking to book your eye exam? Scheduling is as easy as filling out a form on their website or calling 205.703.8596

Are you ready to stand out this spring with fabulous eyewear? Learn more about JJ Eyes at their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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