Hero Doughnuts named “Best Doughnuts in Alabama” by Food and Wine

Hero Doughnuts staff - Best Doughnuts in Alabama winner
The Hero Doughnuts team are our heroes. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

The well-loved culinary magazine Food & Wine named the best doughnuts in every state, and Birmingham’s Hero Doughnuts topped the list for Alabama. With 7.3 million monthly readers, this is a big deal for our favorite city!

Hero Doughnuts case - King Cake doughnuts
Planning my next Hero run ASAP. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

David Landsel’s recent article, “The Best Doughnuts in Every State“, features must-try doughnut shops throughout America. The article goes so far as stating that Hero Doughnuts’ plain glazed doughnuts make a strong case for perfection.

If you haven’t enjoyed a sweet treat at Hero yet, you’ll want to visit one of their locations in Birmingham. They’re known for their fluffy brioche-style dough that’s perfectly delicate and topped with a variety of glazes.

Here’s what the magazine had to say about their pick:

These doughnuts remind you that sometimes a plain glazed is so much more than a plain glazed. Marrying classic taste and feel with sophisticated modern technique, the result is the best of all possible worlds.

Food & Wine

Food & Wine Knows Great Doughnuts

If there’s someone who knows Alabama doughnuts, that’ll be Food & Wine. In 2017, the magazine made the move from New York City to the Magic City. The move solidified Birmingham’s place in the food world.

Who Else Made the List of Best Doughnuts in Alabama?

Case of donuts from The Donut King in Eufaula
How could you choose just one doughnut here? Photo via The Donut King on Facebook

There are so many delicious doughnut shops in Alabama, so it’s no wonder that Food & Wine named two others to their list. They recommend The Donut King in Eufaula for glazed treats and Duchess Bakery in Cullman.

If you needed even more of a reason to explore our state, these Alabama doughnut shops are the perfect excuse.

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