Dunkin’ opens new location in Hoover + more to come

Dunkin' ribbon cutting ceremony
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. (Sophie Higby / Bham Now)

For over six decades American has run on Dunkin’, and now, our very own Hoover is joining the extensive list of locations.

Grand opening ceremony

Dunkin's grand opening
Grand opening in Hoover. (Sophie Higby / Bham Now)

At the beginning of February, Hoover opened their very first Dunkin‘ location through Bluemont Group, LLC, bringing in customers from all over the city to purchase the famous Damelio-approved coffee and select from a wide variety of donuts. Today, Dunkin’ celebrated the grand opening with Hoover City Council and Bluemont Group employees.

Bluemont Group is a franchise of Dunkin’ that has allowed the doughnuts to stretch across the Southeastern United States. Over the past 12 years, under President and Operating Partner Dave Baumgarner, the group has massively expanded their locations. Originally beginning in Knoxville and Chattanooga, Dunkin’ now has over 50 stores reaching Middle and East Tennessee, Northern Georgia, Central Alabama and Western North Carolina.

“We are doing a chamber ribbon cutting, and we’re really thrilled everyone is here. The store’s just recently opened and it’s time to launch it officially. We are excited for all these business leaders to see our new site and know about the location and hopefully we’ll get them to test our fantastic coffee and donuts.” 

Dave Baumgartner, Bluemont Group, LLC, President and Operating Partner

Double down on Dunkin’

Dunkin' donut selection
Dunkin’ has so many options to choose from. (Sophie Higby / Bham Now)

The Dunkin’ in Hoover has been busy with customers lining up for the world-famous donuts, but Birmingham is not the only town that can’t get enough. City Council Member John Lyda recognizes the need for this franchise.

“We’re excited anytime a new business comes, which for a brand like Dunkin’ to choose the city of Hoover for their next store is really an honor for the city. Dunkin’ has obviously grown double their store locations over the last two years throughout the United states, so for them to choose not only Hoover but this 280 store is big for us.”

– John Lyda, Hoover City Council, President

2022 features

Dunkin' employee with customer
Hoover citizens have been waiting for their very own Dunkin’. (Sophie Higby / Bham Now)

Here are a few of the reasons why you need to check out this location.

  • The interior is decked out with modern design, showcasing 2022 style.
  • 2,000 square feet leaves plenty of room to socialize, work or take a moment to relax while eating.
  • This location will offer streamlined service, so whether you need to write a proposal for work or want to see Charlie Damelio’s newest Tiktok, bringing a computer is not an issue.

Additional locations to come

More locations are coming in the future. (Sophie Higby / Bham Now)

If you love Dunkin’ and want to see more of it, get ready, because a Helena location will opening soon, which is also being leased by Bluemont Group. Between the two locations, about 25 new jobs will be created.

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