5 ways you can shop for the grandmillennial style + why locals love it

grandmillennial style
Have you heard of grandmillennial style? (Jessica Broom / Bham Now)

Thanks to the popularity of thrifting, alongside TikTok and Instagram’s influence, the grandmillennial style has brought the appreciation of quilts, grandma’s china and needlepoint pillows to the mainstream. Keep reading to find out how to master this style.

Mastering grandmillennial

What is the grandmillennial style? Essentially, it’s a revival of traditional decor by people in their mid-20s to late 30s. This aesthetic takes the best parts of your grandma’s home and modernizes it. We’re not talking about your grandma’s plastic-covered couch, but the stylish orange and floral cushions from the 70s.

“I think it’s cozy, warm and inviting—just like walking into your grandma’s house, but like your cool, hip grandma.”

Jessica Broom, Bham Nower

When it comes to the grandmillennial decor, think:

  • lace curtains
  • floral and grid patterns
  • wicker baskets
  • brass accents

Personally, I’m a longtime fan of the grandmillennial style. You’re allowed to explore your creativity while also connecting with older generations in your community or family. There’s a story behind each piece!

You can also find unique items that fit your personality. The best part—the grandmillennial style is more affordable and can be a more ethical way to shop.

“I think that thrifting and upcycling furniture is popular right now for tons of reasons—beyond often being a more inexpensive option, buying secondhand means that we’re sending less to landfills and decreasing the demand for new production that can be unsustainable.”

Cecilia Wood, Bham Nower

Now since you know what this style is, let’s get started on how you can find the right pieces.

1. Urban Suburban

Chandeliers, French cabinets and wicker chairs all count as grandmillennial designs. (Urban Suburban’s Facebook)

The key is to shop at your local vintage stores. One of my personal favorites would be Urban Suburban because of its unique collection from a myriad of vendors.

Their store is huge and every vendor offers interesting antique furniture. I once bought a cute plant stand with a cow painted on it. Urban Suburban is THE place for the quirky shopper.

“I like finding antique furniture because the quality and craftsmanship is so much better than anything you’d find today for a similar price.”

Nathan Watson, Bham Nower

2. Estate sales

spoon collection
I found this neat spoon collection at an estate sale the other day. (Summer Guffey / Bham Now)

Any time I have a good experience with an estate sale, it’s because I stumbled upon it. If that’s not your style because you’re a planner, then follow these estate companies. They’ll keep you updated on when various sales are open and which neighborhoods to go to.

I found an entire collection of DC comics once! You’ll never know what neat items you’ll find.

3. Thrift stores

All these pieces came from thrift stores in Birmingham. (Summer Guffey / Bham Now)

Thrifting is on the rise and driving this popularity would be young consumers. Sustainable shopping—like thrifting—has been at the forefront of the trends in fashion and design. Prices are lower and there are always gonna be unique finds.

The trick to getting grandmillennial styles in thrift stores is to regularly visit. It took me a little over a year, but the frames and decor I found all are unique and fit my personal style. Plus, it’s super rewarding to see your collection grow.

“I think [grandmillennial] is trending because people are over minimalistic, mass produced home dĂ©cor and want something that brings more life into a space and can be a way to express themselves and have fun mixing different types of styles!”

Jessica Broom, Bham Nower

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a convenient way for you to discover grandmillennial styles. Since the Marketplace filters by location and category, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll find that one thing you’re missing. It’s also relatively safe since salers’ profiles are linked directly to their Facebook page.

5. Local accounts

glassware vintage
Impress your friends at the dinner party when you tell them you bought the glass local. (@stashbham)

Supporting local accounts is a great way to shop small. Not only are you making connections with people in your community, but you may also find a saler that you trust will always have the style you’re looking for. It’s comforting to know you can go back to someone with a similar style to your own.

Here are a few of our fave local Instagram accounts that sell grandmillennial designs:

Did we miss your favorite place to shop the grandmillennial style? Let us know @BhamNow.

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