Your guide to 8 Birmingham thrift stores + why locals love thrifting

America's Thrift Stores
Why is thrifting on the rise? Let’s find out. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

Whether you scroll on TikTok or Instagram or just walk through Birmingham, you’ve probably seen a rise in thrifted styles. Shopping secondhand is a great choice for the environment and your budget, so we’re digging into why thrifting is having its moment. Plus, check out eight local thrift stores where you can shop or donate.

Thrifting is on the rise globally—here’s what locals have to say đź‘–

According to a thredUP resale report, the secondhand market is expected to double in the next five years and reach $77 billion. A major driver of that change? Young consumers.

“I think thrifting is so popular with Gen Z because it’s fashionable to be sustainable and thrifty. Plus, it’s affordable and most of us aren’t bringing home a 6-figure income to support sustainable brands even if we want to.”

Summer Guffey, Content Producer, Bham Now

As a young professional who also almost exclusively shops thrift stores, I’ve seen several reasons thrifting is on the rise:

  • Prices are often much lower than their retail counterparts.
  • Shopping secondhand can be a more sustainable option in the face of fast fashion by reducing the amount of clothing in circulation.
  • You can find unique pieces no one else will be rocking.

“Personally, I love thrifting because you never know what you’re going to find. Of course, you’ll have some fruitless thrifting trips—but it’s all worth it when you finally find something special to you. Plus, I love the look of vintage clothes, which you can’t really find at retail outlets.”

Nathan Watson, Content Producer, Bham Now

8 Birmingham-area thrift stores to check out


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1. King’s Home Thrift

King's Home Thrift needlepoint
I love checking out the art at King’s Home Thrift—this Saturday Evening Post needlepoint was a must-purchase. Photo via Cecilia Wood for Bham Now

I’m a huge fan of King’s Home Thrift and check out their Irondale location a few times a month. They’re incredibly well-organized and you can find everything from clothing to home decor. Plus, 100% of every purchase goes toward King’s Home to support abused youth and women.

“The secret to thrifting is knowing that there will be times when you go and get nothing and that’s okay. You just need to find that one store you know will have fun and unique items and keep going. You’re bound to find something just for you.”

Summer Guffey, Content Producer, Bham Now

2. America’s Thrift Stores

America's Thrift Stores - thrifting in Birmingham
Thrifting at America’s Home Thrift store in Alabaster. Photo via Nathan Watson for Bham Now

At America’s Thrift Stores, you’ll always find something new because they get in 10,000 new items in their stores every day. There are multiple Birmingham locations, so wherever you are, you can find one near you.

3. Vapor Thrift

Vapor Thrift
Stock up on home goods the next time you go thrifting in Birmingham. Photo via Vapor Thrift’s Facebook

Vapor Thrift Store has two locations in Birmingham, and both offer a wide variety of clothing, home goods, books and furniture.

4. Lovelady Thrift

Lovelady Thrift - thrifting in Birmingham
Whatever you need, Lovelady has it. Photo via Lovelady Thrift Store’s Facebook

Every time I go to King’s Home in Irondale, it only makes sense to head to Lovelady, too. They’ve got an amazing selection of furniture and one of the largest selections of clothing I’ve seen in a thrift store in Birmingham.

5. Alabama Goodwill

Alabama Goodwill
Amp up your wardrobe at this Birmingham thrift store. Photo via Alabama Goodwill

There are plenty of Goodwill locations across the Greater Birmingham Area, including locations to shop and drive-throughs to donate your clothing.

6. Sozo Trading Co.

Sozo Trading Co., located in Avondale, has multiple booths where sellers can curate their goods. The thrift store benefits Sozo Children, a ministry that serves the needs of children in Uganda. They’ve recently partnered with Workshops Empowerment Inc., a local program that connects businesses with people with disabilities looking for employment.

7. The Foundry

The Foundry thrift store
Support an amazing ministry when you check out The Foundry’s thrift store. Photo via The Foundry’s Facebook

When you shop at The Foundry’s thrift store, you’ll support their amazing mission of helping people work through addiction, food insecurity and more. Their thrift stores include a wide selection of new and gently used items, ranging from clothing to household essentials.

8. Heaven Cent Thrift

Heaven Cent Thrift
Complete your home with a purchase from Heaven Cent Thrift. Photo via Heaven Cent Thrift’s Facebook

Heaven Cent is another thrift store with a great mission—your purchases benefit young mothers. They sell everything from furniture to unique clothing pieces they’ve purchased at auctions.

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