BREAKING: Tonya Jones to open new restaurant in English Village

Civitas - new English Village restaurant
The faces behind Civitas, English Village’s newest restaurant. (Civitas)

You probably know the name Tonya Jones thanks to her popular salon and spa—now, you can add “must-try foodie destination” to the list. Tonya Jones and her husband have purchased the beloved Evelyn’s Southern Fare in English Village and plan to reopen the restaurant with a brand new name and menu—while keeping the same staff you know and love. Meet Civitas.

From Evelyn’s Southern Fare to Civitas

Team behind Civitas - Tonya Jones
Delicious contemporary Southern cuisine coming right up. (Civitas)

Tonya Jones is familiar with the friendly atmosphere of English Village—after all, one of the locations of Tonya Jones SalonSpa is located in the heart of the Mountain Brook neighborhood. She has fond memories of the restaurants that have called English Village home, including the space that was once home to Bobby Carl’s Table and then renamed Evelyn’s Southern Fare.

When Tonya was presented with the opportunity to buy Evelyn’s, she realized it was a chance to give back to her community.

“I love this community so much and I hear what our citizens want. They want great food and great service, and they want to be somewhere that is locally owned. It’s just like Cheers—you love to go and be in a place that’s very welcoming and warming, where you know their name and how they like their cocktail.

I might not be a chef but I love people and I can create a space where people want to come, laugh, enjoy fellowship and community together and have great food.”

Tonya Jones, Owner, Civitas + Tonya Jones SalonSpa

What to expect

English Village restaurant and bar
Cheers to a restaurant where everybody knows your name. (Civitas)

When purchasing the restaurant, Tonya Jones and her husband went on a joint venture. It was important to them to keep the same staff that worked at Evelyn’s and open without any strenuous renovations. They’ll be slowly making aesthetic changes without changing the functionality of the restaurant. They’re planning to officially transition into their new name in the beginning of February!

In the future, they’re looking to expand the restaurant to provide more seating. You can already head there for small bites and cocktails from 4-5PM and dinner from 5-9PM from Tuesday to Saturday. In March, Civitas plans to open for lunch to provide a delicious lunch spot for the community.

What will you find on the menu? Contemporary Southern cuisine.

“We still want to give you great Southern staples, but we want to contemporize that a bit and make it a little bit lighter with some gluten-free and vegan options.”

Tonya Jones, Owner, Civitas + Tonya Jones SalonSpa

And who’s behind the menu and bar? Executive Chef Chris Melville has been serving the Mountain Brook community for over 30 years and will continue to create dishes that bring people together around a table. Quinton Chandler will be running the bar. According to Tonya, he’s a “liquid botanist” and puts excitement and passion behind every drink.

Behind the name “Civitas”

Beyond menu and aesthetic changes, the restaurant will now have a new name. Named after the statue on the corner, Civitas means “for the citizens.” The statue, designed by James Barnhill and supported by Bob Moody, was established in 1998 and represents the citizens of English Village.

“It’s such a monumental piece, and it’s really near and dear to my heart because I’ve been in this village for almost 20 years.”

Tonya Jones, Owner, Civitas + Tonya Jones SalonSpa

Fostering community in English Village

English Village restaurant
Tonya Jones and Civitas’ head bartender Quinton Chandler. (Civitas)

Tonya Jones isn’t a stranger to making an impact on her community. Through beauty and food, she touches lives.

“If there’s one thing I can do in this city—I can do people. I know my people, and we have a great community of supporters that I’ve met through the years. It fills my cup and I love to see happy people and hear the laughter in the restaurant. We’re excited for the future.”

Tonya Jones, Owner, Civitas + Tonya Jones SalonSpa
  • Location: 2031 Cahaba Road Mountain Brook, Alabama 35223
  • Current Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 4-5PM Happy Hour, 5-9PM Dinner
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