13 Birmingham-founded apps you need to download now

Birmingham-founded apps
*immediately opens App Store* (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Whether you’re on TikTok, Amazon or Google Maps, it’s no secret that apps bring us entertainment, convenience and so much more. Allow me to introduce you to some of our favorite homegrown apps, covering everything from local babysitting to laundry service on-demand. Support Bham tech talent—check out these 13 Birmingham-founded apps you need to download now.

13 Birmingham-founded apps you need to download now

1. Dippi

Birmingham-founded app
Booze on demand. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

We can thank our friends at Innovation Depot for helping Alabama’s first Alcohol Delivery Company, Dippi, get things rolling. That’s right, you can now get your bev of choice delivered straight to your front door. Cue: “It’s great to be from Alabama….”

2. Worlds of Work

New year, new job? The hunt is never fun, but this app sure is making things easier. By understanding your interests, it offers diverse, local opportunities for you to peruse.

3. TruCloth

Still washing your own laundry? There’s an app for that. TruCloth allows you to schedule convenient pick-up times, and then hand-delivers your clean clothes back to you. Now that’s service.

4. WineView

wineview lefresca
Don’t worry, I tested this one out for y’all. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Wine pairings don’t need to be complicated. This Birmingham-founded app does the work for you. At select local restaurants, simply open the app and it will detect your location and pull up the menu. Choose your meal, then the app recommends the perfect wine pairing. Cheers!

5. ClearMIND

ClearMIND Founder and CEO, Liz Read was a winner in Alabama Launchpad’s 2020 competition. Photo via Bruce Nix for Alabama Launchpad

ClearMIND is a revolutionary app that aims to innovate addiction recovery by helping families and users navigate the entire process. The app will be available to the Birmingham market in early 2022.

6. Wyndy

Need help with your little ones? Wyndy is on it. The app connects you with background-checked college babysitters in minutes. Find, book and pay the vetted babysitters all within the app.

7. Storyline

Birmingham-founded apps
Storyline will help you rewrite your story. Graphic via Storyline

This app’s developer is Samford graduate Barrett Merrill. With Storyline, he’s committed to making mental health resources accessible to all. The app encourages users to, “Stop letting your past, other people and your pain determine your story,” and is available for free download.

8. Mealvana

Mealvana is the app serving up tasty recipes and meal plans to make your life easier (and healthier). The free service will deliver customized recommendations and plans straight to your phone. Dinner = sorted.

9. Set Me Up

set me up
2022 could be your year of love. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

Ready to find your boo in 2022? Set Me Up is the Birmingham-founded app that can get you there. They take pride in their unique app that has NO swiping, NO chatting and features local date spots. It’s like being set up by your BFF.

10. ProU Sports

proU sports
College football fans, rejoice. Photo via ProU Sports Instagram Page

ProU Sports is a college football fan’s dream come true. Keep tabs on your favorite players as they make their way to the NFL in this convenient app. Can I get a Roll Tide to that?

11. Linq

Let’s Linq. Photo via Linq Instagram Page

Paper business cards are so 2021. Linq is the Birmingham-founded app taking networking into the digital age. Their digital biz cards allow you to seamlessly make new connections by “Linq”ing back to your profile with one simple scan.

12. The TakeOut Bham

birmingham apps
Who’s hungry? Photo via The TakeOut Bham

This local delivery service is known for getting delicious food to your door within an hour! Because there’s nothing worse than soggy, cold fries.

13. TabX

tabx birmingham apps
Downloading this now. (TabX / Instagram)

Ok, these Bham app developers really have thought of everything. If you hate waiting in line at bars to close out your tab, this app’s for you. Open and close your tab right from your phone—no more “politely nudging” your way to the front of the bar at the end of the night.

Got an idea for Birmingham’s next big app?

Birmingham-founded apps
The ladies behind Lunar Lab. Photo via Lunar Lab Instagram Page

Feeling inspired? Lunar Lab can help with that. The Birmingham-based, female-owned biz helps founders create the “blueprint” for their app before sending it off to development teams. They’re step one in making your app a reality.

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