Alcohol delivery coming to you—meet Dippi, your new favorite app


Alcohol delivery coming to you—meet Dippi, your new favorite app
We can’t wait to see what Dippi does for the city. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

It’s no secret—there are great things happening in Birmingham. We got the scoop on one of the newest things you don’t want to miss: Dippi, an alcohol delivery app that will bring your favorite beer, wine and spirits right to your doorstep. Check out why you can’t miss this news, then sign up to get notified when the app is live.

Meet Rashad Grimes, Founder + CEO of Dippi

Rashad Grimes
Meet Rashad Grimes. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

Rashad Grimes is an Ensley native with an amazing entrepreneurial drive. His business journey started young, and he would shine shoes at his father’s business. He continued his professional journey at Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law.

What happens when you combine a self-starter’s background with a law education? You get someone with the ambition to make something that makes Birmingham proud.

Rashad is using his background to bring something we all want: one of the first alcohol delivery services in the state of Alabama. Dippi, a minority-owned startup, has raised major funds in their pre-seed round. Now, they’re working with Innovation Depot’s Voltage Program to bring their vision to life.

“My goal is to be a catalyst for other people who may not be your typical startup founder. I didn’t major in engineering. I went to an HBCU, I went to law school and I’m African-American. My goal is to let my light shine to let other people know they can do this as well.”

Rashad Grimes, Dippi, Founder & CEO

“Booze tastes better on your doorstep.”

Rashad Grimes of Dippi
Trust us—you’ll want to bookmark Dippi. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

ICYMI: In 2021, an alcohol delivery bill passed in Alabama allowing customers to have alcohol products delivered to their homes from grocery stores, breweries, distilleries and more. That’s where Dippi comes in.

Dippi is seeking approval from Alabama’s ABC Board to deliver drinks from their stores. What’s the bottom line for you? You’ll be able to get your favorite drinks delivered right to your door at the lowest price possible. We’ll cheers to that!

“Birmingham is a brilliant place to work. Not only can startups thrive, but minority startups can thrive. I’m 27, and I’m African-American. Our CTO is also African-American. We’ve raised over $840,000 pre-seed. That in itself doesn’t happen often, but it shines a light on what’s possible.”

Rashad Grimes, Dippi, Founder & CEO

Dippi will utilize a two-sided marketplace to help alcohol retailers connect to their customers.

  1. You order from your favorite retailers and breweries.
  2. Dippi shares valuable info with those retailers to let them know what their customers want.

At the heart of the app’s mission is this tagline: “Dippi cares.”

“Dippi cares. Our company aims to reduce drunk driving. My brother was actually hit by a drunk driver in 2004 in front of our home and to this day he’s brain-dead. We personally understand the horrible effects that drunk driving can have on families.

We made sure that we structured our company in a way that reduces drunk driving at all costs. You don’t have to go out and get your alcohol—Dippi will bring it to you.”

Rashad Grimes, Dippi, Founder & CEO

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This is the next BIG thing coming out of The Magic City

Dippi alcohol delivery
Rashad Grimes is changing Birmingham’s biz scene. Photo via Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

We’re always excited to support the companies that are game-changers in Birmingham, and Dippi stands out.

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