Birmingham-founded ClearMIND is determined to innovate addiction recovery—learn more

ClearMIND Founder and CEO Liz Read was a winner in Alabama Launchpad’s 2020 competition. Photo via Bruce Nix for Alabama Launchpad

ClearMIND is the Birmingham-based app ready to rewrite the story on addiction recovery. According to their team, 22 million Americans have substance use disorders, for which only 10% seek help. More staggering—of that group, only 10% stay sober after completing treatment. Read on for ClearMIND’s plans to provide support for families navigating recovery, starting right here in Birmingham.

What is ClearMIND?

A peek inside the app. Photo via Liz Read

The app’s main goal? To provide support and empowering education for families navigating substance use disorders. After completing treatment, a member and their support team will download the app. ClearMIND has a wide range of functions, including things like mailing testing kits directly to the subscriber and test results being instantaneously provided within the app.

But, you could go to any neighborhood pharmacy for a drug test. So, how is this different? Well, the app doesn’t just provide test results. It’s focused on education and removing the negative stigma surrounding substance use disorders. Should you get an unexpected result, it provides steps to guide a productive conversation and resources to use moving forward.

It helps rebuild trust and independence for members, while equipping supporters with helpful educational materials and coaching.

“Post-treatment aftercare options focus only on the individual, even though research supports drug use disorder as a family disease. It is our mission to support, educate and de-stigmatize. It’s not all about fixing one person, it’s about healing everyone involved.”

—Liz Read, Founder and CEO, ClearMIND

Meet the team

If Liz Read looks familiar, it may be because she was a concept stage winner in Alabama Launchpad’s 2020 competition. That’s right—around this time last year, Liz shares that ClearMIND (formerly Lucid Living Solutions) was still in the concept phase.

A recent addition to the team is President Alan Ritchie. No stranger to the startup game, he brings more than three decades of experience managing successful technology startups. But, his industry expertise is only a portion of why Liz is so thrilled to welcome him to the team.

“I knew Alan as a strong family man, in addition to being extremely successful in the industry. After meeting with him, it was clear that he was the right person to take this business to where it needed to be in order for us to help the most people possible. He’s up for the challenge and has a proven track record of success in startups. In addition, he has the heart for our mission, which is everything I could ask for.”

—Liz Read, Founder and CEO, ClearMIND

On the horizon

If you think this the next big idea, you’re in good company. ClearMIND has surpassed $1M in funding, and plans to launch their beta test in 2022.

The app will be available to the Birmingham market starting in early 2022. Know someone that would benefit from ClearMIND? Get full details on their website.

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