5 ways this new app is making job hunting easier than ever—discover Worlds of Work

While normally Central Six would host a Worlds of Work in-person event where students could learn more about different types of careers, this year students can access the same resources through their new app. Photo via Central Six AlabamaWorks!

From the time we’re old enough to talk the first question we’re asked is, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Whether you’re beginning your career or starting a new one, Worlds of Work is a great place to jump into the game. Check out how the app from Central Six AlabamaWorks! is changing how we find employment in Alabama. Ready to get started? Download the app through Apple or Google Play.

Worlds of Work is making one of the hardest parts of life simpler

Download Worlds of Work through Apple, Google Play or access it through your browser. Photo via Central Six AlabamaWorks!

Worlds of Work doesn’t stick you in a silo with only a few types of career options. It allows jobseekers to discover a field they may have never considered before.

“Worlds of Work is a great opportunity for students to learn about careers and industries they’ve never thought of! Many of the most-needed jobs in this region are going unfilled because people aren’t aware that they exist.”

Morgan Bell, Workforce Programs Coordinator, Central Six AlabamaWorks!

The app goes hand in hand with Central Six AlabamaWorks! annual career fair by the same name. While the career fair will still take place virtually on April 22 (register yourself or your company today), the app gives users the freedom to learn more about jobs in Alabama 24/7.

1. It starts by getting to know what you’re *actually* interested in

Like a first date, the app opens up by throwing a couple of softball questions at you with an initial quiz. It’ll pose around 20 questions such as:

  • How interested are you in supervising others?
  • How interested are you in coding an app or website?
  • How interested are you in creating graphics for video games, films or websites?

These will help determine what fields you may have an interest in exploring. No need to worry—you can change your answers at any time and retake the survey. Or, skip it altogether and start exploring on your own.

2. Worlds of Work lets you explore tons of diverse opportunities

From healthcare to professional services, Worlds of Work has specific information on Alabama companies tailored to your field of choice.

Where browsing on other employment sites can be overwhelming and lead to a lot of dead ends, the app breaks down each career path in relation to local companies. So, you’re seeing which businesses are currently hiring for various positions.

3. Plan out your spending contingent on the income you’ll make from a specific career

Ok, this is the coolest feature in my opinion. Knowing how your spending power will look when starting a new job or choosing a career path is tricky—particularly if you’re young and learning how to manage expenses.

The Worlds of Work app gives you options to not only educate yourself on the pay ranges of various types of jobs but actually plan out your spending based on your specific habits.

4. Navigation between features is easy

The app is 100% user friendly. Photo via Central Six AlabamaWorks!

The clean design of the app makes it easy to navigate and toggle between areas through its sidebar.

Favorite several careers you’re interested in so they’re easily accessible, retake the career survey and check out different Central Alabama employer booths.

5. You’re able to access the Worlds of Work virtual event through the app

Through the Worlds of Work app, students can still access the types of information found at the in-person event. Photo via Central Six AlabamaWorks!

We’ll miss the in-person Worlds of Work event this year where local students could explore careers from different Alabama employers. However, another neat part of the app is you can access those same Worlds of Work vendors through it.

“While nothing beats the in-person Worlds of Work event, the WOW app allows us to safely host this year’s event and make sure all of our region’s students have the opportunity to steer their futures and our regional economy forward”

Morgan Bell, Workforce Programs Coordinator, Central Six AlabamaWorks!

All you have to do is click “Employer Booths” on the sidebar when the event takes place on April 22. You can also attend the event online via Zoom.

  • When: Register by Friday, April 16 for the event on Thursday, April 22 from 10AM-2PM
  • Register: Students | Company 

Download the Worlds of Work app today through the Apple or Google Play stores. Or access it through your browser.

Check out even more resources available through Central Six AlabamaWorks! for landing a new job.

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