Update on Homewood’s Pink House: A victory for historic preservation

Homewood's Pink House is full of history.
A home full of history. Photo via Bham Now

If you’ve been following along for a while, you know that we have been sharing the story of Homewood’s historic Pink House. Yesterday, we got good news about the restoration and preservation of the property. Read on for the rundown.

Approval for restoration

A look inside the Pink House.
Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald visited the home once upon a time. Photo via Homewood Pink House

The Pink House is a gem to the Homewood community. The house is right off of Edgewood Blvd, and it is full of a beautiful and rich history.

The house’s original owners, Eleanor and Georges Bridges, constructed it in 1921. After Eleanor’s death in 1987, the house moved into the hands of Eric and Diana Hanson, who were so inspired by the home’s gardens that they started their White Flowers art printing & t-shirt business. However, the couple sold the building to a developer in 2004. In 2018, the developer for the home had plans to tear down the property and replace it with six lots. The plan was never approved by the Homewood Planning Commission due to the passion that the Homewood community had to save the house. In the fall of 2019, a local family bought the house in an effort to preserve and restore it.

Recently, the family requested two variances that would aid in the restoration of the home and add comfort and functionality.

Initially, their request did not go through as smoothly as they hoped. But after further discussion and support from the Homewood community, the Homewood Board of Zoning Adjustments approved the variances!

Great news for Homewood residents

A stunning full view of the Pink House.
Isn’t it stunning?! Photo via Bham Now

Homewood’s Pink House is special to so many people in the community.

“The approval by the Homewood Board of Zoning and Adjustments is a great outcome for the property owners of the Pink House and the city of Homewood.”

Nick Sims, Homewood City Council Ward 3

The Pink House continues to be a treasure and time capsule to the beauty of Homewood. The preservation of Homewood’s history lives on!

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