The latest happenings with Birmingham’s iconic Pink House & Secret Garden

The Pink House and its secret garden on Sunday, November 18th, 2018. Photo via Homewood AL Historical Preservation Society on Facebook

Located on the corner of Roseland Drive and Edgewood Boulevard, the Pink House has been a historic site in the Homewood community. It was recently sold to a private buyer for restoration and preservation. Keep reading to learn more about the historic site and what they’re doing to preserve it.

Tune in to learn more about preservation efforts

There will be a case on February 2 in front of the Homewood Planning Commission online regarding the Pink House’s future and request to keep the Pink House one parcel rather than five to build new houses.

This will help alleviate the threat of someone coming in to build new homes for profit rather than preserving a piece of history. New owners Clayton and Rachel Mobley plan to restore the house to it’s original glory and they’d like to see it remain once future owners come along in the distant future.

Here are the details if you’d like to tune in to the case in front of the Homewood Planning Commission:

  • When: Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2021 @ 6PM
  • Zoom Meeting #: 814 4829 2459
  • Dial-in: 253-215-8782
  • Zoom Link

About the Pink House

Homewood Pink House. Photo via Home Al Historical Preservation Society on Facebook.

Since 1921, the Pink House has been tucked away in a corner of Homewood and could be considered a little secret treasure.

This charming, beloved oasis has been home to two accomplished artists, Georges and Eleanor Bridges, who meant a lot to the community and constructed the pink stucco residence modeled after a classic Italian villa. During their time in the house, the Bridges hosted many famous guests. For example, Ernest HemingwayZelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and even Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna of Russia spent time at the Pink House.

The secret garden at the Pink House. Photo via Homewood Al Historical Preservation Society on Facebook.

As if the property wasn’t magical enough, Eleanor took careful care of the house’s secret garden. Come springtime, the landscape would burst with pink dogwoods, redbuds and pink wisteria. Obviously, the pink theme was taken very seriously.

Preserving the Pink House for future generations

Gate to the Pink House. Photo via Homewood Al Historical Preservation Society on Facebook.

This beloved property has stood since 1921 and now there was previously talk of leveling the property to make way for five large new homes.

Luckily, the Mobley family plans to restore the house and grow their new family there.

According to the Homewood Star, they also hope to open the historic site for visitors during certain times of the year like Halloween and Christmas.

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