Homewood’s historic Pink House is getting bought. Here’s why.

pink house 3 Homewood's historic Pink House is getting bought. Here's why.
Homewood Pink House. Photo via Facebook.

After years of uncertainty, Birmingham can rest easy knowing that the historic Homewood Pink House and Secret Garden is in safe hands. Here’s what’s happening with it.

The Historic Pink House

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A peek at Homewood’s Pink House through the hedges. Photo by Terri Robertson for Bham Now

Tucked away in a corner of Homewood is a home with almost a century of history. Although wisteria-draped evergreens hide the 98-year-old house from view, the property is a secret treasure.

Artists Eleanor and Georges Bridges constructed the pink stucco residence in 1921. Similarly to Eleanor’s childhood home, the Pink House resembled a classic Italian villa. During their time in the house, the Bridges hosted many famous guests. For example, Ernest Hemingway, Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, and even Grand Duchess Marie Pavlovna of Russia spent time at the Pink House.

The secret garden

The secret gardens at the Homewood Pink House
The secret garden at the Pink House. Photo via Facebook.

Due to her love of nature, Eleanor took careful care of the Secret Garden. During springtime, the garden featured a forest of pink dogwoods, redbuds, and pink wisteria. She took the “pink” theme very seriously!

Efforts to preserve the home

A gate at the Homewood Pink House
Gate to the Pink House. Photo via Facebook.

Since 2004, the historic Pink House and Secret Garden has faced an uncertain future. The owner of the property planned to demolish the historic home. Afterwards, he would subdivide the lot and build 5 new houses.

Once they learned of the plans, locals united in an effort to save the home. For instance, preservationists began a crowdfunding campaign, a petition, and formed the Homewood Historical Preservation Society.

Despite these steps, the Pink House’s future looked bleak.

The Pink House saved

The secret gardens at the Homewood Pink House
The secret garden. Photo via Facebook.

However, Homewood received some good news. In early September, rumors circulated that a private buyer was planning to purchase the Pink House. In the Homewood City Voters Facebook page, Holley Ellis confirmed the rumors.

“We are closing on the Pink House within a few weeks and moving in to begin restoring it. We’re excited and appreciate the developer working with us and the historical society getting the info to us.”

Holley Ellis

Although the details are not finalized yet, the future of the Pink House is looking up. Rather than lose another landmark, Birmingham has chosen to preserve its history.

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