The World Games 2022 announces all 14 venues

World Games
The World Games Are Coming sign at Crossplex. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

If you loved the athletes from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, you don’t want to miss out on the World Games. Not sure where to watch it, but want to see it live? We have all the info on the venues here in Bham.

14 Venues in the Birmingham area that are hosting your fave World Games sports

There’s no denying it, The World Games are coming. If you’ve driven anywhere in Bham, you’ve probably noticed the signs. Well, we have all the deets for the venues and which sports to check out at each.

1. Protective Stadium

Protective Stadium venue for world games
It won’t be long till this field is green and open for the World Games. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

We’re pretty excited to see the opening and closing ceremonies at the NEW Protective Stadium.

If you’re not a fan of sports, but love performers, you don’t want to miss this!

2. Avondale Park

avondale park entrance
Maybe you’ll see catch sight of the archer Robin Hood. Photo via Bham Now

You don’t know what you’re missing if you don’t see archery at Avondale Park. If you only care about sharpshooters, then you’re in luck. Archery is the only sport competing at Avondale Park.

3. Barber Motorsports Park

Sign of the world games in a field
The open field where you can view air sports live. Photo via The World Games

Excited about air sports? Check out athletes jump out of an aircraft in the sport of canopy piloting.

While you’re here, don’t miss out on the fast-pace sport of drone racing. Watch pilots drive drones up to 100 mph!

4. Birmingham Crossplex

Fans of unique sports won’t want to miss out on these roller and pool sports. Check out what you can watch at the Birmingham Crossplex, the multipurpose facility off Bessemer Road:

5. Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC)

bjcc at night
The ICONIC BJCC will host some of the coolest sports. Check it out! Photo via The BJCC on Facebook

You won’t want to miss these classics at the BJCC:

  • Dancesport. (Watch some talented dancers rock-n-roll). Tickets
  • Gymnastics. Tickets
  • Bowling. Tickets
  • Korfball (think basketball without the dribbling). Tickets
  • Floorball (it’s like hockey without the ice). Tickets
  • Powerlifting. Tickets
  • Billards. Tickets

6. Birmingham Southern College

bsc tower
BSC alumni will be excited to see their school hosting some of the coolest sports. Photos by Jacob Blankenship via Bham Now

You can’t host a huge event without featuring some of Birmingham’s colleges. Check out what this venue will be hosting:

  • Fistball. Tickets
  • Orienteering (sprint)
  • Karate. Tickets
  • Wushu (a choreographed Chinese martial arts). Tickets
  • Ju-jitsu (Japanese martial art for defense). Tickets

7. Boutwell Auditorium

sign at one of the venues for the world games
Check out what makes Muythai worthy of the World Games. Photo via The World Games

You can watch some of the most beloved combat sports at Boutwell Auditorium. Check out these three sports:

  • Sumo. Tickets
  • Muaythai (AKA the “Art of Eight Limbs”buy your tix to find out why it’s called this)
  • Kickboxing. Tickets

8. Hoover Metropolitan Complex

Lovers of American classics can find softball at this venue. If you catch any home runs, be sure to tag us @bhamnow. We want to know! Tickets.

9. John Carrol Catholic High School

Love the thrill of playing ultimate frisbee? Don’t miss the sport of flying disk at John Carrol. Watch as this American sport takes on The World Games. Tickets.

10. Legion Field

Relics from the 1996 olymics. will the world games leave any?
Do you think the World Games will leave any markers like the soccer balls from the Olympics? Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

What’s more Southern American than football? Don’t miss out on flag football at the notable Legion Field. Tickets.

11. Oak Mountain State Park

Birmingham, Oak Mountain State Park,
Don’t miss the water sports here. Photo via Oak Mountain State Park’s Facebook page

If you love the water, then you don’t want to miss these water sports at Oak Mountain State Park.

12. Railroad Park

sign at railroad park
See how many of The World Games signs you can find around Bham! Photo via The World Games

Railroad Park will be hosting Duathlon and orienteering (this means athletes have to sprint while also navigating). These events don’t sale tickets.

Run, athletes run!

13. Sloss Furnaces

Birmingham, Alabama, Sloss Furnaces
Who else is excited about Sloss being a venue? We def are! Photo via Bham Now

Loved seeing sport climbing at the Olympics? Well, now you can see it live. Check out this list of competitive sports at the historic Sloss Furnaces:

14. University of Alabama at Birmingham

World Games 2022
The World Games 2022 sign at UAB’s BVAA Field. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Here’s the list pf sports UAB is hosting:

  • Lacrosse. Tickets for women’s team. Tickets for men’s team.
  • Racquetball. Tickets
  • Squash (it’s basically tennis, but the opponent is a wall). Tickets
  • Flying Disc. Tickets
  • Tug of War (if only puppies could compete). Tickets
  • Boules Sports. Tickets

Found a sport that caught your eye? Get more info on the sport here and purchase your tix now!

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