The world is coming to Birmingham next summer—get your tickets for The World Games 2022 now


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Introducing Birmingham to the world. Photo via The World Games 2022

The world is coming to Birmingham in 2022, and you don’t want to miss it. If you’re looking forward to watching top athletes crush it at the Tokyo Olympics, some of those same athletes will be competing right here in The Magic City. Check out why The World Games 2022 is such a big deal for our city and get your tickets today.

4 reasons you’ll want to grab The World Games 2022 tickets today

1. Over 3.6K top international athletes are coming to Birmingham in 2022

World Games
The World is Coming sign at the Crossplex. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Big fan of the Olympics? The Games are the largest international sporting event to come to the South since the 96’ Olympics, with top athletes. From July 7-17, 2022, 3,600 elite athletes from over 100 countries will be in Birmingham. This is the 40th anniversary of the event and the first time it’s been in the US since 1981. Sorry-not-sorry to runner-up Lima, Peru!

2. You’ll be able to cheer on 34 sports

The World Games 2022
Nick Sellers, Haylie McCleney and Mayor Frank Brocato at the Hoover Met World Games 2022 announcement. Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Whether you’re a gymnastics super fan, or you want to check out a sport that you’ve never seen before (hello, sumo wrestling), there’s going to be something for everyone at The World Games 2022.

“It represents an incredible opportunity for young girls in Birmingham and the surrounding community to see some amazing female athletes compete on a global stage, right in their own hometown. That’s huge.”

Cat Reddick Whitehill, Honorary Co-Chair + Birmingham Soccer Player

Ready to watch history get made in Birmingham? Get your tickets today.

3. The Lakeshore Foundation is making The World Games 2022 more inclusive + accessible

This year, The World Games 2022 will be more inclusive than ever before, for athletes and spectators alike. A Journey to One World, One Games is an initiative with Lakeshore Foundation, a local non-profit that provides fitness and recreation activities for people with physical disabilities.

“I’m honored to be joining The World Games 2022 family. This event represents an incredible opportunity for Birmingham, but it’s much more than that. The commitment The World Games 2022 has made to disability inclusion is something to be extremely proud of. I’m excited to witness the athleticism and dedication of these athletes from around the world.“

Noah Galloway, Honorary Co-Chair, The World Games 2022

4. There’s a projected $256M economic impact for the city

Legion Field
Photo via Pat Byington for Bham Now

Let’s talk money, shall we? Another big perk of The World Games coming to Birmingham is the positive economic impact. With over 25 venues, the entire metro area will see positive effects. Here’s a look at several venues that will be home to the Games:

Tix are officially live today!

The countdown is officially on for The Games, and tickets are live today. Get your tickets now and remember to follow The World games 2022 on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

“Birmingham is home to me, so being able to help bring an international competition like The World Games 2022 to my home community, a place I love and care for so much, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I know what the thrill of winning gold is like, and I can’t wait to see that joy on the faces of those competitors that get to do the same right here in Birmingham.”

Vonetta Flowers, Honorary Co-Chair, The World Games 2022

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