Uncle G brings Detroit-style pizza down to Pelham

Man in white shirt and shorts with red apron holding pizza peel and herbs in front of red trailer
The pizza man himself! Photo via George Gilliam

Just like most of us, George Gilliam picked up a fun hobby during quarantine last year. Unlike most of us, George (now affectionately known as Uncle G) turned that hobby into a business. Keep reading to learn how Detroit-style pizza made its way down to Pelham with Uncle G’s Pizza. 

Quarantine boredom

Becoming a pizzaiolo (one who slings pizzas) was never a part of Uncle G’s plan. Getting into pizza making was a happy accident as the result of quarantine boredom. One day, Uncle G thought “man if I could harness the power of being able to make my own pizza at home, that would be the coolest thing ever!” Now, Uncle G harnesses that great power and responsibility by running his own pizza truck. 

Slices of cheesy square pizza being pulled apart
Look at that cheese pull! Photo via Cru Photo

The beginning of Uncle G’s Pizza

Growing up, Uncle G loved personal pan pizzas. As he began his pizza-making journey, he learned Detroit-style pizza matched his tastes. Thick crust with a fluffy center and crispy edges with caramelized cheese all around, Detroit-style is “the more nimble active younger brother of Chicago-style” he says.

Starting with terrible pizzas, Uncle G made improving them a personal challenge. He started joining pizza-making communities online and soon learned the pizza world was bigger than he realized. He “became lost in the rabbit hole of nerdy science pizza making” as he says and soon those terrible pizzas became delicious ones. 

Family and friends started picking up pies at his and wife Christina’s home and encouraged him to start selling them. Soon after, Uncle G’s Pizza hit the road slinging the classic square-baked Detroit-style around Pelham.

4 slices of square pepperoni pizza on a wood background sprinkled cheese.
Pepperoni goodness! Photo via Cru Photo

Get your grub on

With classic, vegetarian and vegan options, Uncle G’s Pizza has a special pie for everyone in the family. Make sure to try his personal favorite, The Dal Giardino with garlic ricotta cream base, three cheese blend, mushrooms, spinach, and red onion. Delish! 

You can find Uncle G’s availability on their Facebook and Instagram (both, @unclegspizza.) Pies are sold by the slice or whole (with a 20-minute wait) at the big red trailer and tent at Old Time Pottery in Pelham. To place preorders, visit unclegspizza.com.

4 squares of cheese pizza topped with herbs on a wooden background with a rolling pin, tomato and mozzarella cheese ball on the side. Also has bowls in the background
Cheese pizza squares. Photo via Cru Photo

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