Working from home in Birmingham? 5 updates you need now with Closets by Design


a Murphy Bed for working at home in Birmingham
I think Murphy beds are kind of cool. Photo via Closets by Design’s Facebook page

Now that working at home is normal, who hasn’t noticed their space could use some love? We reached out to Closets by Design of Central Alabama to find out which five updates would delight home-workers today. Keep reading to discover what we found. 

1. A mudroom provides the perfect launchpad for when you venture out from working from home

a mudroom for working from home in Birmingham
I can only imagine how easy this family’s comings and goings are. Photo via Closets by Design’s Facebook page

In the Before Times, we wrote about 3 ways a Closets by Design mudroom can shave 30 minutes off your daily routine. Now that our routines as we knew them are upside down, a mudroom makes even more sense. 

Whether you’re no longer in the habit of getting out of the house or if you suddenly find your family going in four different directions with unpredictable schedules, having a home for everything you need to head out makes those transitions so much smoother. 

Know you could use some help in the organization department? Visit Closets by Design of Central Alabama today and schedule a consultation. 

2. An organized pantry makes quick meal prep + snacking possible

a pantry for working from home in Birmingham
You never really have to wonder if you’re out of something with a pantry like this. Photo via Closets by Design’s Facebook page

Raise your hand if you’re able to get more than 90 seconds’ worth of work done these days without interruptions? If you’ve got hungry little ones, or even if you’re just feeding yourself, an organized pantry will keep everybody happy and well-fed. 

Check out our 5 best kid-friendly pantry hacks in Birmingham [PHOTOS] for some great inspo. 

3. The room where working from home in Birmingham happens: doesn’t your home office need some love?

a home office to make working from home awesome
Serenity now. Love the simplicity of these white shelves, drawers, desk and cabinets. Photo via Closets by Design’s Facebook page

While some people have been rocking the working from home thing for years, others are tired of feeling like work has taken over their home. For those of you who have the space to devote to your home office (and your spouse’s, and your kids’), 5 features you need in your Birmingham home office will help. Take a look to get ideas for improvements that could improve everybody’s efficiency—and prevent silly arguments about who gets to work on the kitchen table this time. 

4. If your kids rooms aren’t driving you crazy by now, you may not be breathing

a reading nook to make your kids happy when you're working from home in Birmingham
Where I would have spent many happy hours reading as a child. Photo via Closets by Design’s Facebook page

As much as we’re sure you’re enjoying all the new togetherness this time has brought, you may have had more time to notice how messy your kid’s room is. We came up with 5 ways to organize your child’s room + make it fabulous, and personally, that reading nook (pictured above) is my absolute favorite.

5. Serenity now: an organized closet just might become your favorite retreat while you’re working from home in Birmingham

scarves and candles in a closet
Shelter from tornadoes and the rest of your family in styles. Photo via Hannah Chambley for Bham Now

When I interviewed a former Ms. Alabama a while back about her dream closet, I thought the idea of a retreat inside a home closet was kind of strange. Now that I’ve spent the better part of five months in my home with three people whom I love dearly and also need a break from sometimes, it makes so. much. sense. 

If the thought of upgrading your space to make working from home in Birmingham a breeze sounds good to you, why not give Closets by Design of Central Alabama a call? Their team of designers and manufacturers are ready to help you make it happen.

Here’s where you’ll find them: 3806 1st Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35222 | (205) 777-4000 |

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