5 features you need in your Birmingham home office


Closets by Design built-in home office
All that white is just so soothing. Photo via Closets by Design

If you’re like a lot of people in Birmingham, you’ve been spending more time working from home due to COVID-19. Whether you’ve set up shop at the kitchen table, in a makeshift home office, in a hammock or some other arrangement, you’ve probably realized a bunch of ways you’d like to change your space. Keep reading to find out what you need to maximize your space and how Closets by Design Central Alabama can help.

1. Your space needs to reflect the way you actually work—not how you think you should

A selection of Bham Now’s home offices. Photos via the team

Don’t just look at your current setup as an ugly “before” picture. Investigate it to discover what really makes you happy. Is it natural light? A big wide-open workspace where you can spread out? File drawers, cubbies and shelves so everything can have its place, including all the personal things that make your office feel like home? 

Do you need a space where you and one or more kids can work at the same time? Or maybe you and your significant other? Or are you all saner when you’re spread out? Be honest and you’ll come up with the best outcome for your particular situation. 

If you’re ready to redo your own home office, give Closets by Design Central Alabama a call today at 205.777.4000 to see how they can help. 

2. Your office can provide a place to keep your home and your work organized

an organized home office via Closets by Design
A place for everything. Photo via Closets by Design

Ideally, your home office does double-duty as the control center for your work and your home life. You want to have enough organization to be able to think about calendars (in more normal times when we’re all running around). You want to be able to put home aside when it’s time to work. And you want to be able to sit down and take care of tax prep or bill paying when you need to.

3. Your home office needs to function as a communications center

homeofficetech 5 features you need in your Birmingham home office
Home office stuff” via Pete Brown. CC BY 2.0

Not only do you need the outlets for all your tech, but you need the hookups for any services such as cable, landline (worth considering if your inside cell reception, like mine, isn’t great), printer and so on. 

Ideally, you can make phone calls or participate in videoconferences in your space without disturbing the rest of the house (or having them disturb you). You definitely want to make sure you have some good headphones or earbuds to help with this. 

4. You need a place for essential papers

Home office via Closets by Design.
Look at all those papers organized so neatly. Photo via Bham Now

With a global pandemic camped among us for the foreseeable future, staying organized is essential. Whether you’re organizing bills and schoolwork or need to get other affairs in order, your family and your future self will be thankful for the organization.

5. Your home office needs to work with the space you have

another home office by Closets by Design
A place to nap looks awfully nice right about now. Photo via Closets by Design

What kind of space do you have? Is it a closet you need to convert? Some crafters do this, as do some radio producers, but it could work for anyone with a small space. 

Does your home office need to double as a guest room, or do you need a place to nap? It’s important to bear all this in mind as you design your space. 

If you’re ready to revamp your existing home office setup, give Closets by Design Central Alabama a call today at 205.777.4000 to see how they can help. 

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