5 reasons to be at the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival July 18 at Cahaba Brewing


Cahaba Brewing will be the location for the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival
Keeping things clean at Cahaba Brewing. Photo via Cahaba Brewing’s Facebook page

If anyone knows how to throw a safe party during a pandemic, it’s the good people at AIDS Alabama. For their Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival Saturday, July 18 at Cahaba Brewing, they’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure everyone has a good time eating delicious food while supporting a great cause. Keep reading to find out why you don’t want to miss this reinvented Birmingham summer tradition.

1. AIDS Alabama has a long tradition of bringing people together over good food for a great cause

a variety of food from AIDS Alabama events
AIDS Alabama loves bringing people together over good food. Photo via AIDS Alabama’s Facebook page

AIDS Alabama loves to bring people together over food. Why? Because everybody loves to eat, and in Birmingham, we have so many great places to enjoy delicious offerings. 

For years, the annual Funky Food Truck Festival and the Cahaba Brewing Company have gone together like summer ‘maters and white bread sandwiches. 

Food trucks would hang out together in the parking lot like friends who hadn’t gotten together for far too long. 

Local vendors would hawk their wares, adding personality and creativity to the event. You could find fancy soaps, handmade jewelry, art and even the occasional adorable and adoptable furry friend. 

This year, they had to get creative to keep that spirit alive.

2. Since they exist to serve immunocompromised people, AIDS Alabama reinvented tradition to keep everybody safe

People from AIDS Alabama advocating for change
AIDS Alabama exists to support people with HIV/AIDS. Photo via AIDS Alabama

In case you didn’t know, HIV/AIDS stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, and it took the world by storm in the ‘80s similar to what we’re experiencing with COVID now. 

The advantage of working with a population that’s not new to global pandemics is that they’re already used to thinking of the health and well-being of everyone. And they’re really good at finding creative new ways to have fun in the meantime.

Here’s what they’re doing:

  • Decreasing the number of trucks at Cahaba Brewing
  • Two separate shifts for trucks: 12PM-5PM + 5PM-10PM
  • No vendors this year
  • Markers to help maintain social distancing
  • Hand sanitizing stations at Cahaba Brewing
  • Mandatory face coverings except when you’re eating or drinking (per Jefferson County’s order)

“It’s important to understand that while we want everyone to have a fun and funky good time while we raise needed funds for AIDS Alabama, the health of all event goers, our staff and volunteers, and the staff at Cahaba Brewing Company is paramount.” 

Caroline Bundy, AIDS Alabama

So get ready to break out your most fashionable mask and make sure to do the weird elbow-bump when you see friends you really haven’t seen in ages. 

3. Cahaba Brewing will still host the festival

Food truck sign at Cahaba Brewing, site of the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival
Food trucks have a special place in Cahaba Brewing’s heart—and parking lot. Photo via Cahaba Brewing Company’s Facebook page

 “We owe so much to our long-time supporter and venue, Cahaba Brewing, who will be hosting us on Saturday, July 18 from noon ‘till 10PM ”

Caroline Bundy

4. Choose your favorite food trucks + visit them at Cahaba Brewing on Saturday, July 18

You’ll find multiple food trucks at Cahaba Brewing on the day of the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival. Check here for updates.

From 12-5PM: 

Little London Kitchen

Little London Kitchen will be at the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival
Former Bham Nower Jon Eastwood indulged his homesickness at Little London Kitchen when it first opened. Photo via Jon Eastwood for Bham Now

Urban Pops

Urban Pops will be at the Funkiest Food Truck Festival at Cahaba Brewing
The good stuff is inside. Photo via Urban Pops’ Facebook page

Hyderabad Dum Zone

delicious food from Hyderabad Dum Zone
I don’t know what that is but it looks amazing. Photo via Hyderabad Dum Zone’s Facebook page

From 5-10PM:

Alloy Thai

Alloy Thai will be at the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival
If it starts off looking like that, you know it’s gonna taste amazing. Photo via Alloy Thai’s Facebook page


NOLA Ice will be at the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival
The perfect thing for a hot summer’s day. Photo via Kristina O’Quinn for Bham Now

Taco Morro Loco

Taco Morro Loco will be at the Funkiest Funky Food Truck Festival
Tostadas from Taco Morro Loco Food Truck. Photo via Bham Now.

5. Enjoy the funk and support AIDS Alabama

Imagine being a nonprofit right now, where all the things you normally do to keep your awesome programs going have had to be postponed. There are a few easy ways you can donate: 

  • Enjoy visiting old favorites or trying new vendors, knowing each truck is donating a portion of their proceeds to AIDS Alabama.
  • Text “FUNKY” to 41444 to donate directly. Suggested donation $5.
  • Donate in advance online.

Finally, if you’re the type of person who likes to know even more about all the amazing work AIDS Alabama is doing in our community before you contribute, check out these stories we’ve written before:

Now tell us, Birmingham, which food trucks are you most excited about visiting? Let AIDS Alabama know you’re coming + tag us on social @bhamnow and let us know.

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