Week 2: How the Bham Now team is surviving social distancing

Anyone else in need of a little pick-me-up? Here’s how the Bham Now team is surviving (and possibly thriving) after one week of social distancing in Birmingham.

The Scoop on Social Distancing

If you’ve been on social media or watching the news recently, you’ve probably seen the term “social distancing”. The term simply refers to the act of increasing physical space between people to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Examples of “social distancing” include working from home, canceling events and mass gatherings, and staying six feet away from others when possible. The video above is a good visual example of how a single person choosing to practice social distancing can help flatten the curve.

Surviving Social Distancing: Bham Now Edition

Obviously, our team is incredibly privileged to be able to work remotely during this uncertain and scary time. We know not everyone has that option, and we are incredibly grateful to all of the first responders, nurses, volunteers and more who are continuing to go out and help others despite the dangers and risks they’re facing at this time.

Things are heavy. And we know we could all use a pick-me-up right now. Here are the things helping Bham Nowers survive social distancing. We hope you can, at the very least, get a laugh or a few ideas from our responses.

Wade | Sales Manager

“So far things are good! Keeping lists are vital for me to stay on task, considering I am in one spot and unable to move around to a coffee shop, or other area of the office.”

Hannah | Content Producer

“If you saw our update last week, you might remember I mentioned it was only a matter of time before I rearranged my entire room…

Well, I did. Let’s see how long it stays this way.

I’m also planning on crafting a bit this week (I pulled out all my craft boxes in the rearranging process). I’ll let you know if I actually finish this macrame wall hanger next week, or any other crafts for that matter.”

Patience | Content Producer

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“Making a “rock” band was pretty entertaining for me last night. LOL I haven’t crafted in awhile and needed an outlet other than writing! I laughed all the way through it.

Cats are entertaining us when they feel like it, and coloring is helping somewhat every now and then.”

Chaise | Content Producer

“Not much has changed since last week. Same set-up. As a matter of fact, I’m wearing the same shirt (welp this is embarrassing).

Like many people, I’m feeling really anxious nowadays so I’ve been trying to get outside at least once a day even if that means just going to pick up a meal from a local restaurant.

I always get a good laugh from scrolling through Tik Tok or watching Wildn’ Out reruns on TV. I’m trying to see the positives that could come out of this. Honestly, I’m just ready to get back to our regularly scheduled programming. 

P.S. Politico has a really cool (kinda lengthy) article on how the virus is shaping the world and our perspectives on health, our relationship with others, the environment and a lot of other stuff. It’s a cool read once you’ve reached the end of all of your social media feeds. “

Matthew | Multimedia Producer

“Somehow we made it this far. I hope everyone is well. Routine team calls are helping me stay on track.

Also turkey season opened on Saturday so having an excuse to get outdoors is helping keep me sane.

We are strong. We will make it to the other side and come out even stronger.”

Beth | Content Producer

“I’ve been staying sane with a whole lot of group facetimes, a whole lot of coffee and trying my best not to compulsively over-water my plants”

Pat Byington | Content Producer

“I’ve become very good at watching press conferences online.  No need to leave the house, except to take 20 minute walks around Caldwell Park”

Taylor | Content Producer

“We’ve been taking some nice trips… out to the front yard… for fresh air and activity!”

Irene | Content Producer

“I’m getting into more of a routine at home, but it’s surprising how much harder it is to focus with LESS people around. I also get sidetracked ordering lots of headbands online to take care of the whole ‘I cut my own bangs’ situation.

I miss my friends and my coworkers, but FaceTiming is keeping me sane. Also all this outdoors time is great for working on my photography so hopefully I’ll at least come out of this with a new skill.”

Nathan | Content Producer

I definitely miss hanging out with my friends and co-workers! I’m taking this time to (hopefully) get ahead on some work. I’m also trying to see if I can grow out a beard. It’s not going too well. Thanks a lot, genetics. 

Gabi | Account Executive

“The past week has been interestingly uninteresting? I’ve settled into the whole remote working thing, but am starting to struggle with the ‘can’t get out and visit friends’ thing.

FaceTime and Snapchat help me stay connected but I’m starting to look for weird ways to fill my time, like considering chopping off all my hair by myself (def shouldn’t).

I got out and hiked this weekend which was SO beneficial for my mental and physical wellness. Definitely recommend getting out, even if it’s just your backyard or patio!

Jacob | Content Producer

“I’ve lost count of how many days I’ve been in quarantine, so there’s that.

To stay active I’ve been going on hikes and fishing 🎣 + enjoying time with my pets. As an introvert I feel like I was born for this moment!”

We’re all in this together, Birmingham.

Stay safe and up to date out there, and let us know how you’re surviving social distancing on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!

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